Timpf: I don't like when celebrities tell me how to think

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They do it every election

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Q: What's the difference between God and Bono?

A: God doesn't walk the streets of Dublin thinking he's Bono.

Author — Gabby Hayes


Totally agree about celebs. We don't care what they think.

Author — Bran Evans


I voted for Trump cuz Katy Perry told me not to.

Author — MagnaHooBoo


The left hates Trump. . . But They also hate American culture, exceptionalism, power, independence and freedom.

Author — Binny Bullsack


I voted for Trump because Ana Kasparian didn't want me to.

Author — digital1911


All these clowns just can't get over Trump winning the election! They're going to have to re-live it all over again in 2020!

Author — Wayne Turner


This woman is HOTT and really looks like a woman versus the manly demo-cracks.

Author — Jabbar JD1415


Where were these celebrities when Harvey Weinstein and all those like him were sexually abusing women

Author — Alpha Prime


That’s sad. Tony Stark is against Trump. Means he was fooled by Hillary and not very politically smart

Author — Bran Kind


Martin Sheen vs Donald Trump - one has a son who's a junky derelict, and the other has children who have done nothing but succeed. I think you can tell a lot about someone by how his/her children behave. I'll go with Trump. K.A.G.

Author — Herbster41


Hillary's server wasn't for "convenience" ... it was to hide her pay-for-play deals with the "donations" by countries like Saudi Arabia to the Clinton Foundation.

Author — Bamcis100


“Jennifer washes her face with Angelina’s tears.”
Best line ever.

Author — Dizzy Derwish


Love the commander in chief but ive got to point out

She is so friggen cute, I want her.

Author — The Hide


Bono..is the worst..along with dems..and wall hopping caravans...

Author — Allen Thomas


You can't spell Triumph without TRUMP.
TRiUMPh 2020!

Author — Greg Mccumber


Really Bono, or should I say bozo. I really don't care what you think. TRUMP 2020!!

Author — Char Lara


Pretty girl on tv, and smart on top of it. Go Kat

Author — Martin Hinds


Celebrities NObody cares what you think. This segment was so funny🤗🤗🤗

Author — Lynn Hutchens


im glad u played that clip of the celebrities tho... now i have some more celebrities to not like

Author — MAK V


An Irish co-worker recently told me the Irish people say the difference between Bono and God is God doesn't think he's Bono.

Author — Van Cuckles