5 Weapons Used by the Ottomans

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The yatagan or yataghan is a type of Ottoman knife used from the mid-16th to late 19th centuries

Yatagans consist of a single-edged slightly curved blade, 60-80CM Long with a bone or ivory hilt

In Ottoman period, yatagans were made in all the major cities of the Ottoman Empire, particularly Constantinople, Bursa and Filibe

One of the finest and earliest examples of the type was the weapon made for Suleiman the Magnificent, who ruled over the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566.


The Kilij, (from Turkish kılıç, literally "sword")  as a specific type of sabre associated with the Ottoman Turks and the Mamluks of Egypt,

it was recognisable by the late 15th century. The oldest surviving examples sport a long blade curving slightly from the hilt and more strongly in the distal half.

The Central Asian Turks and their offshoots begun using curved cavalry swords beginning from the late Hsiung-Nu period.

The earliest examples of curved, single edged Turkish swords can be found associated with the late Hsiung-nu and Kok Turk empires.

Ottoman Mace

Maces are a type of weapon used by many in history, with each having their own designs, usually blunt or and relatively short

Maces where designed to be used with brute force to damage armoured opponents as bladed weapons struggled to penetrate foot soldiers armour

Ottomen maces where blunt with no/little sharp edges as they could get caught and stuck in their opponents plating.

Volley Gun

The Ottomen where one of the first people to use volley type guns

Crafted out of pure bronze, the ottoman used 9 barreled-Wheeled cannons able to thin out infantry groups

They fired stone pellets hundreds of feet towards there enemy at tremendous speeds.

Dardanelles Gun

The Dardanelles Gun was cast in bronze in 1464 by Munir Ali

with a weight of 16.8 t and a length of 5.18 m it was able to fire 24.8 inch stone/Marble boulders weighing up to 1000 Pounds up to a mile

it was used in many Widley known battles such as the Dardanelles Operation, siege of Constantinople and many more

Along with other huge cannons, the Dardanelles Gun was still present for duty more than 340 years later in 1807 and was used to fight the British.

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Kilij is not a "type" of sword, it is "a" sword

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Ottoman Empire should come back Insha Allah....Ben Khalid Mohammed is an amazing Muslim profile on Facebook and this brother is inspiring millions of people to embrace Islam Alhamdulila



*Turkish understanding is*

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Last cannon is called Şahi(Shahi). it was the first cannon to collapse the walls of İstanbul(Constantinapole then). It started a new age. Because after it, people saw thick walls could be removed which ended the age of Feodalism.

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Turkish swords made from Damascus steel and used special braid technique and never breakable.

Shahi Cannon used in Constantanople Crusade and designed by Sultan Mehmed. Sultan Mehmed was a machine engineer.

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All the weapons which are used today had their building blocks from the ottoman and mughal age

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The Ottomans used to execute prisoners by shooting them out of them cannons.

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