How to Replace Control Arms and Bushings to Fix a Bouncy Suspension

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Learn how to replace control arms and bushings to fix a car with a bouncy suspension. I show you how to figure out what is causing the bounce (shocks or bushings) and then I show you how to replace the upper and lower trailing arms and install new poly bushings. Then we take the DriftStang to the track and test her out!

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“This suspension is finally set up to handle a supercharger” *Everybody Liked that*

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Legends say that Chrisfix was born with a helmet and his parents also have not seen this face from birth🤔🤔

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Things ChrisFix can’t live without:
1- Medium strength threadlocker.
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5- Nothing else. That’s just his life.

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Mustang: hey don't be too harsh on fixing me
ChrisFix: don't worry im just gonna lightly tap it in
Mustang: phew
ChrisFix: *grabs sledge hammer*
Mustang: da heck?

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imagine being responsible for inspiring an entire generation of car enthusiasts to not be afraid of their own cars, a gift from above this man!

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“I don’t want to be another mustang statistic”
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chris fix was the most prepared for the corona virus lol

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chris: “lightly push it”

also chris: smashes with a hammer da hell out

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Somebody in the comments: If ChrisFix doesn't pin this comment, HE DOESN'T LOVE HIS FAMILY
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A fan who has a very good advice about cars: Am I a joke to you?

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Everyone : mustangs suck, and are out of control vehicles.

Chrisfix : Hold my beer

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*Neighbors:* "Honey the dude is... jumping... on his cars now."

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1:24 Am I the only who notices a big V8 in the garage, ready to be put in?

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no one:*doesnt watch*
me:did he say supercharger

chist:yes i did

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"The Mustang Becomes a mustang and wants to spin out"
That Got me laughing so hard, and Instant like. Keep up the amazing work Chris!!

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I've been getting comments saying I sound like you lol

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"I don't want to become another mustang statistic" hopefully you won't

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Blue threadlocker... In a red bottle, you're giving me trust issues here Chris.

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1:15 am I the only one who’s eyes bulged out of their head and they saw that



I just look at the thumbnail and I can already hear Chris's voice: "Out with the old and In with the neeeew" Love that lmao

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i wonder why anyone would dislike this? it explained EVERYTHING and this is super helpful.

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