TOP 10 Dangerous Huge chunks of ice Falling on Head & Cars !

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TOP 10 Dangerous Huge chunks of ice Falling on Head & Cars ! Why you should stay away from snow covered roofs
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The human and wooden board plough is most innovative...
...and the ice "waterfalls" are magnificent...

Author — April Smith


2:52, He may have landed on his feet, but I bet he was scared until then!

Author — Michael Orosco


I hope Triton Technologies isn’t a structural engineering firm, that would be bad. Not a good look in any case.

Author — bfjb70


4:31 "I should probably move the car. Nah, it'll be ok"

Author — Neal Foster


I like the music👍😊and the snowfalls look very amazing 4:05

Author — Susann Levy


Stay away from fallingsnow fr.over rooftops

Author — Zenaida Encisa


These are the most beautiful views 😍❤❤❤❤❤

Author — ice fun


This video starts out with such an ominous and dangerous sounding music to go along with these allegedly dangerous displays of ice falling.

Author — Troy Tomrell


Try tossing some m80's up into the snow.

Author — Ted f


It is illegal not to clear the snow off the roof of moving cars/vehicles in Canada, and some of the states in the United States while on the roads.

Author — risa tanaka


Pls how now the music name start from min 2:43

Author — Ayman Sabry


so, metal roofs make for great avalanches. got it.

Author — RIXRADvidz


Have you ever been walking by a building and had the snow slide off the roof on you? Happened last week in Nebraska. Scares the daylights out of you. You're not expecting it. 2-12-2021

Author — Mark Douglas Budka


Dangerous but hilarious!!! So many different tools and techniques lol!!!

Author — riverview


A better sound track to this video would be the theme song from the “Benny Hill Show”.

Author — John William Duke


Do people in cold countries get surprised EVERY year? "MY GOD, it did it AGAIN!!! Its almost as if there is a correlation between the angle of the slope and adding the almost frictionless cold material "

Author — Sean McDonald


Next time could you please choose some really crappy background music?

Author — Cat Clark


2:56 Sidewalks disadvantages

6:42 . 7:08 house disadvantages

Author — Baron Local


In some countries they use snowgards on the roof

Author — R. Eilt


Did I hear an orchestral rendition of the Mortal Kombat theme in there?

Author — Tarbosh D'Artagnan IV