Putin's Extraordinary Alpha Male Walk

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Enjoy Alpha Male walk of Vladimir Putin, the Leader Of The World, he is the boss!

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Why am I watching Putin's gangster walk at 5 in the morning

Author — Victor Jasso


Three things one can never choose.
1. Parents
2. Looks
3. President of the Russian Federation.

Author — Vivek Nair


Everybody is gangsta until Putin walks in...

Author — Hell Hound


Youtube: Hey bro, wanna see how Putin walks?
Me: Sure damn it

Author — FranKaius 07


Obama:rides a bike with a helmet through a suburban neighborhood
Putin: rides a horse with no shirt through a forest

Author — shaserdeses


I watched it because today I found out idiot failed at showing footage of putin walking in his video about why putin only moves his left arm while walking.

Author — MrGollum1996


He seems to have a soldier walk. He literally only swings one arm as he walks. It reminds me of those soldiers patrolling while holding their weapon in one arm and swinging the other one front to back.

Author — Maria Hernandez


3:12 Even a hardened ex-KGB operative who laughs at the prospect of political opposition knows that you do not hold dogs 6 feet in the air by the back of the neck on camera like its a French monarch's head post-guillotine.

Author — CGS Creations


The natural swinging of the left arm and the lack of movement in the right is classic KGB. It's how they were trained to walk so they would have easy access to their weapon.

Author — Gabe Canuteson


So it's 2:30am and I'm watching a compilation of Putin walking. This is the pinnacle of my life. It's only down from here.

Author — Deka


His walk is better than a supermodel..

Author — Zahida Noor


3:08 Putin: "give it to me, you have no idea how to hold a puppy"

Author — Moksih


He stood in solemn respect for the fallen warriors of Russia in that heavy rain without an umbrella or even an assisstant to hold one....his subordinates were "probably" not amused...now that'a a boss.

Author — Erah Saerah


1:00 the way the guards hold and turn their heads is ultra creepy

Author — lchurch01


Right hand stuck at the side is from kgb training. It's to draw faster if necessary.

Author — Alkaholic Smurf


No one in world can replace swag of this guy, he is at different level. 😍🔥

Author — Hungama Fun


Who's the goof ball holding the puppy like he bagged a rabbit??? strange.

Author — darren kvernum


Trudeau: falls flat on his face while waving like a girl from a 3 foot float during gay parades of shame.
Putin: skins tigers and wrestles bears bare chested at minus 20 degrees temperature.
That is tne difference between a pathetic SoyBoy and a man.

Author — Neuro Weaver


Putin: my all-time crush. The puppy and standing in the rain - so romantic and powerful.

Author — Hazel Ceej


There goes a confidant man. He's a real leader.

Author — Mr Bogart