A tourist, in Afghanistan? - BBC News

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Afghanistan was once a firm fixture on the backpacker trail, but decades of war and violence have crossed it off the destination list for almost all tourists. Most governments advise against travel there.

But American blogger Drew Binksy is one traveller bucking the trend.

He says he has a coronavirus test before travelling to new countries, and follows local measures in the places he visits.

Video produced by the BBC’s Suhrab Sirat and Kawoon Khamoosh

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Who else instantly recognised him lol.

Author — Adrith Manvik


Its nice to see BBC promoting Afghanistan. Drew Brinsky, you're the man.

Author — Aashish


I didn't realise that this wasn't Drew's YouTube channel lmao

Author — Park Rosé


Let's be honest, most of you are here mainly because of the guy on the thumbnail.

Author — Elisha Rania Suleiman


I met Drew Binsky with his wife last year in Karachi, Pakistan. He's a very humble and down to earth guy.

Author — Sumair Khan


Afghanistan once used tothe Hippie capital of the world especially during 70s.

Author — Arnab Sanyal


Following This Guy for Years A REAL iNSPIRATION

Author — Oliver Sparks


Afghanistan people's are beautiful. Last time i introduced with one Afghan girl in China. I brought a Afghan hatt by her which is beautiful.

Author — Hallucination


My parents travelled overland through Afghanistan back in the 70s. They said how beautiful it was. I hope one day I can go!

Author — Ishwari Laughing


Me: Drew Binsky is that you?
Me: "Looking at the thumbnail if it is really him"

Author — Chumy FishJal


Great to see Drew back in Afghanistan. As an Irish tourist in Afghanistan back in 2018, I had a wonderful time!

Author — Sean MacCormac


Drew Binsky: On the thumbnail!

Most of YouTube people: *Imma click this!*

Author — Aviation HJM


Its a surprised that a media shows a different perspective

Author — Dream the Noob Version


My teacher at school is said to have been in the Afghan war

Author — Jahongir Toshboev


Who else following this guy last couple of years? 😃

Author — Rezaul Karim


It took me a minute to realise this is BBC news and not Drew himself lol

Author — Oliver Queen


Drew!! He's almost visited all the countries!

Author — Hawaii 5O


Drew binsky has been in other places he’s traveled everywhere

Author — Manuel Baut104


As a Muslim, I welcome our Jewish brother from a different mother.

Author — DeepBrain X


Bro, I'd love to go to Afghanistan. Hopefully one day things will get better

Author — The Lord Doctor