Discovering the real VAN LIFE Turkey - inland we go

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With high summer temperatures we leave Turkey’s coast, heading inland & into the mountains. It’s so nice to explore the real turkey & find a couple of great camp spots with a few surprises on the way.

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Travel vlog 321 | To Cappadocia | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

Türkiye'nin tanıtımı için milyon dolar harcasalar bu kadar güzel bir tanıtım yapamazlardı.

Author — Furkan Aksoy


How nice of those two gentleman to stop by when you were lakeside in Beysehir and check that you were okey and if you needed anything. The Turkish people are truly so warm, kind hearted and hospitable. Enjoy your travels.

Author — Armchair Critic


Its beautiful to see your channel. My grandparents were from Turkey. My dad always told me that at some point in my life, I need to go to Turkey. Thanks for showing us the beautiful Turkey.
Stay safe. I love your content. .

Author — Jen Jen Pinto


I grew up in Somerset, Uk also. I think Turkey will be our first proper trip 👍 never been

Author — Fork in the road Bex


Not only am I learning about Turkey through your eyes, but I learn from your YouTube community in the comment section. You have guardian Turks surrounding you, guiding your journey and welcoming you with hospitality. So lovely. Thanks.

Author — Kathi Foy


Cappadocia is the most magical place I have ever seen ...

Author — Leah Jade


Really enjoying your videos, We love Turkey and it feels like we are there with you. Keep them coming guys.👏👏🥰🥰

Author — Noreen Goulding


As being a Turkish, and live in Canada, I really appreciate about your sincere thoughts and road trip stories in our beautiful country. Turkey welcomes you guys. Just enjoy the moment !!!

Author — enzer erkovan


I’m married to a Turk from Izmir for 32 years and almost every year we go to visit his family in Izmir cause we live in Toronto...you must go there its a beautiful city and within an hours drive or so you have Bergama one of the world’s first and Cesme are great for amazing beaches.... and Efes (Ephesians in the Bible) a real amazing city of ancient ruins which you really need a day over there.... love your videos keep them coming!!!!

Author — Ele Lemon


The snakes you see there are "Natrix tesselata". They are non-venomous and quite calm animals. So you don't need to be afraid of them :)

Author — Reha Demir


Good day from Australia . We are having such a good time watching you guys with my wife. We are actually Turkish and from Antalya but moved to Melbourne 2 years ago. So we were missing Turkey so much and also Antalya. You remind us a lot of memories. Done the right thing by deciding to spend the time in Turkey. Cant wait for the next episode. Be safe..

Author — Kebap Yiyen Koala


Welcome to the big family 83 million+2

Author — Turgay Karaca


You guy's are amazing thank you for sharing your adventures and discoveries really enjoy your videos, Tüm Türk Halkina sesleniyorum bu ikiliye yardimci olun Memleketimizi VE Kültürünü Tanıtıyor bu güzel ikili .

Author — Bulent Kontash


I really appreciated this video, I'm discovering how fabulous is Turkey thanks tread the globe.

Author — martina MF


You are such a great asset to Turkey ! We want to go on acruise ship when this is over the hell with the ship I want to go to Turkey!!! Stunning!

Author — Lucila Madden


Stunning sunset !
I really appreciate the use of the map on the side of Trudy. It's great when you show us where you are and where your going.

Author — Elizabeth LaRose


I discovered you lovely couple a few days ago, watched most of your videos in Turkey, your energy, friendliness, civic courage, humility and especially patience are incredible. I look forward to your upcoming videos and wish you a pleasant and safe trip.

Author — Haluk ÜNAL


Hi guys, you must stop at the "SALDA LAKE" it is like maldives you"ll enjoy it there

Author — Ugur yildirim


I’m missing the beautiful views of Turkey, thank you guys for doing this, sending all our love.xx

Author — Karen Aydiner


Awsome drive, beautiful place, if I didn’t know it was Turkey, I’d think I’m driving through scenic California

Author — Secretariat