Roger Stone: I'm not going to bear false witness against Trump like Michael Cohen

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Roger Stone: I'm not going to bear false witness against Trump like Michael Cohen4.5
Former Trump aide Roger Stone speaks out after being arraigned on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

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This guy is the only person I have ever seen who actually seems to enjoy being arrested.

Author — bluewater454


I still can't believe they got an entire force just to get Stone at his house.

"You know, you could have just knocked..."

Author — Freedom Fighter


They are trying so hard to get dirt on Trump...soooo hard..

Author — White Trash Bandit270


If Roger Stone manages to come out of this insanity unscathed, I'm getting a tattoo of _him_ on my back

Author — dyrty harry


Discovery is going to be so much fun!😂

Author — substation


Only proves how corrupt our FBI and MULLER are sad for America

Author — Pam Gilley


He’s an American patriot and we all support this guy 🇺🇸👍

Author — The Angry Republican


Roger Stone has always been a real American Hero and Patriot and is absolutely radiant and relaxed in this extremely unjust and wrong situation! ❤️🇺🇸

Author — KFD


Roger Stone will stand tall during his trial. The Leftist Traitors will hang their heads during

Author — Wolves Of Europa


Roger Stone is an American patriot who will have his place in history books as an important American of our time. Love him or hate him, he loves this country and fights hard for what he believes is right.

Author — Warrior Princess


Lol he did a Nixon move there, well one crook knows another huh. By his looks I am assuming that he just can't wait to dropped the soap. Maria trae los tamales, Paco stop hiding the Tequila. Inglish no gud ese.

Author — SESS sion


7:16 roger stone isnt allowed to to shout out INFOWARS on fox? Fox news censors

Author — comic book


Roger is gonna win in the end! No doubt...

Author — yellowman dlee


Stone will sing like canary when faced with doing time, he like Cohen will flip on Fat Donny, next indictment is Don jr

Author — BPLBful


Not the biggest roger stone fan but the amount of fire power that showed up at his house was ridiculous. “Lying to Congress” is one of his charges? If they actually cared about that like 10 baseball players would be locked up for lying about their steroid use. Seems like a political hit job to me.

Author — Scotty P


Idiot lib Dems take everything someone says to heart, you could say have a nice day and they want to put you in jail,

Author — byron silas


I am going to say something that might make me sound like a demorat, I think if Stone is not found guilty, he should be reimbursed all legal fees and all expenses with connection to being accused plus a large sum for being falsely accused and any loss of income while fighting the allegations.

Author — Jeffrey Binder


trump must be pissed that the FBI & CNN keep rounding up his superheroes. He should DO something ... anything ... he's too busy watching Fox & Friends and eating cold hamberders.

Author — Kerkopes


Finally the center of attention he's taking a spotlighted swan dive right into a flaming vat of gasoline.

If this buffoon was really concerned about Trump he'd shut his mouth and let the a legal spokesman give short statement.

Author — Ralph Boyd


Hope Roger made copies of the emails and text messages. Keep the copies safe somewhere. Or better yet, release them to the public. Go Roger Stone!

Author — Van G