Roger Stone: I'm not going to bear false witness against Trump like Michael Cohen

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Roger Stone: I'm not going to bear false witness against Trump like Michael Cohen4.5
Former Trump aide Roger Stone speaks out after being arraigned on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

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This guy is the only person I have ever seen who actually seems to enjoy being arrested.

Author — bluewater454


Discovery is going to be so much fun!😂

Author — substation


If Roger Stone manages to come out of this insanity unscathed, I'm getting a tattoo of _him_ on my back

Author — dyrty harry


I still can't believe they got an entire force just to get Stone at his house.

"You know, you could have just knocked..."

Author — Freedom Fighter


Lol he did a Nixon move there, well one crook knows another huh. By his looks I am assuming that he just can't wait to dropped the soap. Maria trae los tamales, Paco stop hiding the Tequila. Inglish no gud ese.

Author — SESS sion


They are trying so hard to get dirt on Trump...soooo hard..

Author — White Trash Bandit270


Roger Stone is an American patriot who will have his place in history books as an important American of our time. Love him or hate him, he loves this country and fights hard for what he believes is right.

Author — Warrior Priest


trump must be pissed that the FBI & CNN keep rounding up his superheroes. He should DO something ... anything ... he's too busy watching Fox & Friends and eating cold hamberders.

Author — Kerkopes


Not the biggest roger stone fan but the amount of fire power that showed up at his house was ridiculous. “Lying to Congress” is one of his charges? If they actually cared about that like 10 baseball players would be locked up for lying about their steroid use. Seems like a political hit job to me.

Author — Scotty P


Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Author — Sarah Davis


Stone will sing like canary when faced with doing time, he like Cohen will flip on Fat Donny, next indictment is Don jr

Author — BPLBful


Finally the center of attention he's taking a spotlighted swan dive right into a flaming vat of gasoline.

If this buffoon was really concerned about Trump he'd shut his mouth and let the a legal spokesman give short statement.

Author — Ralph Boyd


Only proves how corrupt our FBI and MULLER are sad for America

Author — Pam Gilley


7:16 roger stone isnt allowed to to shout out INFOWARS on fox? Fox news censors

Author — Gabriel Mora


I am going to say something that might make me sound like a demorat, I think if Stone is not found guilty, he should be reimbursed all legal fees and all expenses with connection to being accused plus a large sum for being falsely accused and any loss of income while fighting the allegations.

Author — Jeffrey Binder


So the Roger Stone saga continues...can't wait for the next episode. It's better than a soap opera!

Author — James Lynn


Roger Stone will stand tall during his trial. The Leftist Traitors will hang their heads during

Author — Wolves Of Europa


Hope Roger made copies of the emails and text messages. Keep the copies safe somewhere. Or better yet, release them to the public. Go Roger Stone!

Author — Van G


It’s funny how the left have turned on Julian. He was for the longest time their golden boy. “Oh yeah yeah he’s going after the evil republicans”. But ever since he has been exposing the corrupt sides of the left, he’s become the Antichrist.

Author — Smirky Smirkington


The globalist elites who hijacked America's Democratic Party have tricked the people into carrying out their agenda. They have all but destroyed the rule of law, using the reasoning that all means are required to bring down the 'evil' Right and Trump. The people are so focused on the fictitious 'enemy', they have no idea that once gone, 'rule of law', (and basic human rights) are gone forever. It was once said, 'only Americans can bring down America'. Events are proving that to be highly accurate. Trump is losing his way, and the urgency for action, drowning in the very swamp he came to drain. If he falls before even partial success of his mission is reached, all will be lost. Another chance at 'MAGA' will not come for another hundred years - if ever again. The American society, prepared to defend their Country, their freedoms, and their way of life, with all the tools out war, is slowly being beaten by guerilla warfare tactics from an internal 'fifth column'. The Left has so weaponized politics that the President is wasting time trying to govern in the normal, traditional manner. The situation, however, might be saved if the President acts immediately in a very powerful and decisive manner. (The Left will first rejoice in the propaganda value these actions present, but success will stop that in its tracks.) He must declare a national emergency, (use the border as an excuse), release the ‘documents’, fire Mueller, arrest the ‘Top Five’ big name traitors, and take control of the fake, enemy news agencies, (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) This will ‘start the war’, by forcing all Americans to wake up, and get involved. No more behind the scenes struggle. Everything that’s going on is out in the open for all to see. It now really becomes a ‘war of the people’, exactly where it belongs. It can be fought with violence or reason. Preferably it is fought out in the halls of government, by a new Congress ‘scared straight’, rather than ‘in the streets’. Either way, it’s the People’s war, not the elites, the globalists, or the rich and powerful who are attempting to play it all out for us. The People are the ones who must live with the outcome, so they deserve to be allowed to fight for their own vision of the future. Let the music begin!

Author — robert thompson