How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

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Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.

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If everyone took an extra minute to think before speaking, the world would be such a better place.

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"People prefer voices which are rich, smooth, warm like hot chocolate" Julian said, knowing his voice sounded rich, smooth and warm, like hot chocolate.

Author — hospitalcleaner


Notes and summary for myself

The seven deadly sins of Speaking

1. Gossip: Speaking negatively about someone who is not present. People will not trust you because a while later, you will gossip about them.
2. Judging: It is hard to listen to someone who consistently judge you during a conversation.
3. Negativity: Having a negative viewpoint on things.
4. Complaining: which is mere viral misery. Could be on anything, politics, sports, or the weather.
5. Excuses: Not taking responsibility for our actions and being a blame-thrower
6. Exaggeration: Drawing an imaginary image and inflating stuff excessively. It can get to the point of outright **lying**.
7. Dogmatism: stating your opinions as if they are facts without consideration of an evidence to support your claims. In other words, Bombarding people with biased opinions on a certain topic.

- Foundation of powerful speech (HAIL)

1. Honesty: Being clear and straight. Not using deception and lies. But using brutal and unnecessary honesty could hurt people. "Honesty tempered with Love".
2. Authenticity: Being yourself and not imitating a non-genuine persona. "Standing in your own truth".
3. Integrity: Be your word. Do what you say. Be trustworthy, and take responsibility.
4. Love: Wishing people well. No judgement.

- Toolbox of Speech (Voice)

1. Register: Talk from your chest, not the nose or throat. "We vote for the politicians with lower voices". People associate depth with power and authority.
2. Timbre: The way the voice feels. "Rich, Smooth, Worm, like hot chocolate." It is a skill that can be trained.
3. Prosody: Talking with enthusiasm, not being monotonic like a robot. Avoid repetitive prosody as if every statement was a question.
4. Pace: Talk normally and slow right down to... *Emphasize*.
5. Silence: A powerful tool to bring attention. Should not be filled with filler words such as UH's and UM's.
6. Pitch: To deliver an idea or ask a question and being understood. (The caps-lock of speech)
7. Volume: The quieter the better in bringing attention. Don't be a broadcaster and pay attention to your loudness.

- Warm up the toolbox of voice

1. Arms up, take a deep breath and sigh.
2. Lips: (BA BA BA)
3. Lips: Horse sound
4. Tongue: Exaggerated (LA LA LA)
5. Tongue: Roll an R
6. The siren (WEEEE [High] yoooo [Low])

Speaking is one part of the puzzle because having a good conversation also depends on being a good listener.

Edit: Reconstructed the phrasing of the point of dogmatism.
Thank you for all the beautiful replies.Happy to make your day a bit easier :)

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*How to speak so that people want to listen*
the man with grey hair: sleeps...

Author — Zehan Sun


Me: *Going to an interview*
Me:*Remembers Julian saying warm up your voice*
Me: Lets go and WEeeee Awwww and Lalalalalala
People waiting in the room for their turn:*What the Fawk is wrong with her?!*

Author — Niva Jain


He didn't use any "uhm"s or "eh"s in his speech. Absolutely amazing.

Author — Niek de Gier


How to speak so that people want to listen
Me: ignoring him and start reading comments

Author — Muhammad Fakhri


How to be a great public speaker:
Step 1. Have a British accent
End of steps

Author — Anastasia12344


*Walks into the boss's office to ask for a raise*
Boss: "Yes, How can I help you?"

Author — Saif Ayesh


I feel Trump could learn something from this.

Author — Jimmy is Promo


The true problem about us is the following:

Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen 7.471.503 Views
Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better 1.307.557 Views

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You don’t know how much I love and appreciate this video because I definitely wish the world was more lively so that way depression will decrease

Author — Darrell Davis


At 8:20 "aw baw baw lalalala". XD

Author — C S


"If you wish people with love its really hard to judge them", its absolutely true . I try to do this everyday . No matter what wish people well and you will find yourself free of all the negativity. And a smile from that stranger will make your day

Author — Santosh Raja


Now I got why everyone like listening and like talking to me for hours n Hours 😂😂😂 well not being proud of myself, but I Never knew these sins .. my contacts mostly say "when I talk to you I talk only about myself" but I can't be like this with my other friends .... Thanks to God for giving me this gift ❤️

Author — Nisha N


How to speak so people will listen: Have a British accent

Author — Gabriel


He speaks so clearly, even I can understand almost whole words

Author — melisa


7 deadly sins of speaking:
• gossip

Author — Simone G


He has such a wonderful aura..and presence. It's very aesthetic to watch him speak

Author — Deepali Joshi


Anybody remembered Sharpey and Ryan while he was doing the voice warmup?

Author — Sara Fakih