Farewell Carolina, Hello New England | Cam Newton Vlogs

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Cam Newton is now a member of the @New England Patriots

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You can tell he appreciated his time with Ron Rivera and the Panthers when he says farewell instead of goodbye or freedom.

Author — Jack Robertson


Cam is motivated, I wouldn’t bet against him...Much less him and Belichick.

Author — Joe S.


I'm a NY Giants fan but I didn't want to see a downfall on Cam like how the Redskins gave up on RG3. You got this shit Cam I believe in you bro!

Author — diungy alisnr


He knows he’s healthy he probably feels the best he has felt in years he just hasn’t said nun cus he had time to recover he’s finna tear the league apart plus he’s coming in with motivation how Carolina did him 💯

Author — Geno Bay


I’m a Jags fan but I really like Cam and he’s definitely a beast when healthy. I’m sure the patriots will make sure he is protected out on the field.

Author — KingKen04


I am a panthers fan to heart but destroy them when you play them

Author — C Raff


“I am tired of being humble” - Cam Newton

Author — JGspeed 22


I’m actually hyped this I have a feeling he will have good chemistry with Julian Edelman

Author — Bore Ragnorock


I’m at your neck... I replayed that part at least 10x I believe he’s reborn and I will DEF be rooting for him now on..Unless he’s playing against my Cowboys

Author — Justin Herass


As a Carolina Panthers fan Ik I speak for all of us when I say we’re going to miss you cam, Ik you didn’t bring us a super bowl but you did bring a impact and entertainment, u got my respect no matter where u ever get traded to, ready to see u get one!

Author — Kiokn


This dude is the definition of a football player. Handled his business like a man. Respect

Author — tomy kersey


I am a lifelong New England fan (since growing up in the Bledsoe days). I can't wait to see Cam play for New England. I've followed the Patriots very closely, and Belichick has long (since before Brady) expressed an interested in QB mobility. I am really excited to see what Cam-Josh-Bill can think up for the offense this year, and also hoping it will open things up for Sony Michel. I was always a Cam Newton fan. I thought Cam's pass reads and passing were both underrated. Also, Cam showed a lot of skill at making reads and passes on the slant routes that New England likes to run, so it seems like a really good fit in terms of football.

In terms of personality, I think Cam just needs to know what every other star coming to New England needs to know. This is a region that places a premium on championships. Being good isn't good enough. If you don't deliver on a banner, then at best you are forgotten, at worst you are reviled. It's a fanbase that is very unforgiving, but that will also give you endless love if you fulfil the expectations. From all of our sports teams, the love is second to none anywhere in the nation, especially to those who win us championships. I can't wait for the season to start!

Author — RaginAsianGaming


as a pats fan a warm welcome first.
second, i‘m concerned. concerned that i will really like this guy and then he will be gone after 1 year.

Author — james anonymous


He’s earned this, this guy has worked his ass off consistently. Proud of you Cam can’t wait to see what you do for the patriots!

Author — Aboubacar Fofana


Cam Newton’s whole career is just so motivational look at cam man... soo inspirational

Author — EastCoast BrownSkin


Pat's pulled the greatest uno reverse card

Author — Kenny Oneal


If you’re a Cam fan you know this was a warning video to the other 31 teams...

Author — Henry Gucci


As a pats fan and patriots fan my whole life even though Tom Brady’s my favorite qb, newton has always been Elite when healthy, I believe in you 💪🏼❤️💙

Author — Chxamp


Love you Cam. You brought my team out of obscurity into prominence and a legit player in the league for years. I bought your rookie jersey the night we drafted you. You've always been and always will be my favorite panther ever. Sad you are gone, definitely is the end of an era. Excited to see what you will do in NE though, I sincerely hope you get your ring. Oh, and I bought myself your new jersey as soon as i found out you found a new home. Best of luck brotha, Carolina loves you!

Author — benji


Cam don’t gotta cover for theory he was treated like trash every year hand no brand names wr’s and still went 15-1 and when he was hurt they covered it and when he was down they left him there

Author — L E E