Blood & Honor: Chechen Vendetta Code

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In the Caucasian mountains people like tradition, no matter how violent it may be. In the 1990s public executions were common in Chechnya and Ingushetiya. They have their own justice and their own methods. The times are changing, as people seek forgiveness rather than revenge. (2014 Gold medalist at New York Festival)

Today in the 21-century world it’s hard to imagine that many hundreds of people are at risk of falling victim to brutal blood feuds. That though is an old tradition in North-Caucasus, it goes back centuries. However, these days the terrible custom of vendetta is widespread among many Chechen people.

According to ancient Caucasian customs, a blood feud is considered a severe punishment for the most serious crimes, like murder, a personal insult or kidnapping. Even after many years, a victim’s family can take revenge on a killer and his family to defend the honour of the clan! The ancient principle of “an eye for an eye” became an endless succession of killing entire generations from conflicting families.

The authorities and religious leaders are taking action to bring about an end to the massacre. The Quran says, Allah will forgive a criminal all his sins on judgement day if he grants a pardon to his ‘brother in faith’. Special religious conciliation commissions made up of respected elders and Muftis urge opposing sides to submit to the provisions of the Holy Book. They counsel restraint and forgiveness of enemies to protect future generations. Sultan Mirzaev became the Supreme Mufti of Chechnya in 1990 and since then he calls fighting parties to bury the hatchet and find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

While the whole world is engaged in proclaiming UN basic principles, ethnic peoples used to live in obedience to ancient traditions adopted from their ancestors. The echo of a shot reverberate through the centuries and the law remains silent in the face of centuries-old traditions. RT Doc travels to the Caucasian republics to know first-hand how local government deals with the cruel consequences of traditional practices. And whether Sultan Mirzaev will manage to reconcile the archenemies you can see on RT Doc.


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The chicken on 5:22 is looking for revenge

Author — cizia69


imagine Borat walking up to these men. hahaha

Author — Flight Mode


The four rules of firearm safety in Chechnya.
#1: Uhh... Nevermind.

Author — James Anderson


A bit eerie when a baby in a nappy is pointing a gun at you!

Author — Myshkin


And the revenge for an evil act is an evil one like it, but whoever pardons and make reconciliation - his reward is (due) from Allah. Indeed, He does not like wrongdoers - Quran 42:40

Author — Arfath Khan


"Everyone in our family has been a military man, even my mother and sisters"

Author — Hugh Jaanus


RT has some of the most interesting documentaries.

Author — Nikolas Miller


I don't always agree with RT's political views, but their documentaries are interesting.

Author — Revan Revaillac


This is really mafia lifestyle.. it reminds me the Godfather film

Author — The Prophet M


I'm an Ossetian and I have a huge respect for Chechens even though we're different in religion we still share most of the Caucasian Traditions.

Author — Unknown Desert


Isn't this precisely why murder is forbidden? The Never-ending cycle of bloodshed.

Author — Fred October


That's a Stechkin automatic pistol he has in the beginning, beautiful.

Author — Lloyd Nix


I know your children are very precious and I dont want to you people to see any more war.

Author — Steve Rzucidlo


does anyone else think maybe the guy's son was killed cause he stole someone's bride the day before they got married? Seen People stabbed up for much less !!!! @ 20:20

Author — darren campbell


Well-done documentary! It's great to see the Muslim leaders encouraging forgiveness and reconciliation! It's really difficult to forgive someone killing a loved one! It takes a lot of strength!

Author — redrose9350


Hell no! Chechen culture is real Caucasian culture, we're not Middle-Eastern, we're ethnic Caucasians. Our race is the Kavkazian/North Caucasian race not the Indo-European race.

Author — Wassim Nasir


Желаю прочный мир и дружба между все люди в Бывшего Советского Союза.... пожалуйста...!

Author — brufnus


That sign isn't the swastika, it's a very ancient Vainkahi symbol when they were still pagans and worshipped the Sun God, but they still use this symbol cuz it's part of our culture.

Author — the powerhouse of the cell


chechens.. ingush.. mountain georgians ..cherkess .. real people ..ONE BLOOD

Author — SVAN


Get some ear and eye protection there. Especially for the kids.

Author — wakka chaka