'I expect to be acquitted and vindicated': Roger Stone on Mueller indictment

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'I expect to be acquitted and vindicated': Roger Stone on Mueller indictment4
After being indicted by the special counsel on seven counts, longtime Trump ally Roger Stone is interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on "This Week."


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How many criminals does Trump have to surround himself with before his "law and order" supporters finally give up on him?

Author — Brother Sanguinary


Regardless of where one sits politically—Stone's responses in this short interview were actually rather sensible...

Author — Anton Roman


Prisons in DC are going to be full if they start charging everyone for lying.

Author — scott baker


Stephanopoulos won't let Roger Stone get to the point. He is a rude SOB, one of many A-holes on ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

Author — Protect Animals


ABC cannot handle Roger stone. He just brought them to level of CNN in one interview. Its glorious. FAKE NEWS.

Author — wind Sigra


You are getting very boring Roger! You are not important and you were arrested as per procedures of the FBI.

Author — timeforchange


Funny they didnt go after clinton like this.Why didnt they raid her house.O thats right the fbi drove to house had coffee and asked her to talk.Give me a break.

Author — tina geyer


The mainstream-media is the enemy of the People!
They are definitely an enemy of mine. They are nothing but corrupt liars working for the swamp!
hillary did everything that they accuse Stone of and more, why is she still free?
We will drain the swamp soon, with or without Trump!

Author — Space Exposed


They way he was arrested could only happen in America... assault weapons, helicopter, SWAT team etc
My God. What a terrible country, to hold such behaviour as acceptable
In my country, the police would just knock on the door!

Author — Wayne Wardman


Roger Stone is the man !!!! Destroyed this so-called smart presented stephanolpoulous!!!!

Author — Lot Underwood


Roger Stone is a trusted individual. Says no sane person ever.

Author — Leonaza7


Roger Stone kicked that Globalist's Arse !!

Author — William Mansfield


Wonder if George asked Hillary if she'd ever wiped hard drives or destroyed evidence? He didn't give a rip what Stone had to say and didn't hear a word. Just had his list of accusations and was going to get'em all in.

Author — palmettohorn


And with him in prison communism continues to spread.

Author — Frankie Cal


"I believe the MSM is the ultimate enemy of Mankind" R.I.P Bill Hicks

Author — Sir Auryn


Stone, stop your fckn whining, when they go after guys for child support, they show up in full tactical gear, K-9's, and sometimes APC's. So save your tears and take it like a man.

Author — Leaping Cat Productions


Bye Roger! All those corrupt years finally catching up :)

Author — Wolf Holiday


Dirty politics since 1972, anything goes to get the votes. Poor me!

Author — Dee Dee


What about the Russian collusion that everyone knows about, the fake dossier which caused all this nonsense, why is no one investigating this, now that's a slam dunk.

Author — Liam Naughton


There goes the neighborhood property value.

Author — Political Twinkie