Nazarbayev: 'economy first, then politics'

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Nursultan Nazarbayev has ruled Kazakhstan as the oil-rich central Asian nation's president since its independence in 1991. The world's largest land-locked state is taking a heightened interest in the turbulent region's problems since it has taken up the chairmanship of the intergovernmental Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Euronews spoke to President Nazarbayev in Almaty.


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he is a very good guy, he HELPS kazakhstan. ALLAH, country, then family

Author — maya khachatryan


inikah suku sakat bakal besan no....god please help

Author — sara michaelmurray


He makes excellent points.. the people who are complaining about a lack of democracy are a bunch of crooks who want to install a US/British puppet like Georgia under sakascvilli and Ushenko in Ukraine.

Author — xMaXiMuSx


In Kazakhstan we strongly believe that it is impossible to establish western standards of democracy & human rights, we firstly belong to the east and we have got different view of those standards.
And we are not so blind how the West is installing democracy & human rights for some "incorrect states" like Libya, Iraq etc (if you go deeply in to the History there are almost whole World), mainly because of the resources of these poor nations...

Author — elya121


Nursultan Nazarbayev Eurasian Thief #1

Author — Yernar Ibrayev


Thief and murderer, thiev and murderer!!!!

Author — Lion Smart