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Russia - a global power, confident and strong. That’s the image projected by President Vladimir Putin. Decades after the Soviet Union’s collapse, Putin is relying on Russian traditions and values from the tsarist past to kindle patriotism.
Many Russians see Vladimir Putin as the man who has returned pride, glory and honor to their nation. The Cossacks, an ultra-conservative group, are key to Putin's grip on power. They are honored as guardians of traditional Russian values and serve Putin as nationalist paramilitaries. Tens of thousands of Russians identify as Cossacks. They trace their origins to horsemen who formed mounted bands in the Russian steppes during the 15th Century. Over the course of time, they served many masters - including the tsars. After the Communist revolution, they faced oppression and persecution. During World War II, some were active in Hitler's armies. Now, President Putin is capitalizing on their nationalistic priorities. This documentary looks at the role Cossacks play in supporting police in Moscow, including during demonstrations by regime opponents. Another pillar of support for Putin is the Russian Orthodox Church. It has resurged under Putin, and exercises considerable political influence - an alliance that benefits both sides. Article 14, paragraph 2 of the Russian constitution defines the separation of church and state. But the Russian Orthodox Church sees itself as a bulwark against outside influence and supports the Kremlin, for example in its annexation of Crimea. It sees itself as the protector of Russian values, and views homosexuality as a sign of an impending apocalypse. The filmmakers show how nostalgia for "Glorious Russia" and the values of the tsarist period are playing out in modern day Russian politics.

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Fight club in the church's basement! Lol Russians being Russians.

Author — Manoel Santos


If I lived with my mother and she offered the only bed in the house to me I would laugh at her and sleep on the floor.

Author — Hyenasfan


It's a far cry from the days of Communism n atheism

Author — Farque Matthews


Learn from libya and iraq history..regret after destruction just a waste..

Author — Amir Amran


They used footage from the filthy frank show😂😂😂😂😂

Author — STG SYD


Elsa : The cold never bothered me anyway"

Putin : Pathetic

Author — Shilka


Very unique and very interesting lifestyles of the Russian people.❤❤

Author — Jimmy Brown


"... the law of kindness, for which no law is written!"
Live the art of kindness!

Author — John Heigis


Wishing all in Russia a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year from myself in the United States. 🙏🎄⭐please pray for my Country as I pray for yours.

Author — shafur3


It was funny when they interviewed the red headed cossack boy and the English voice over was in a Scottish accent!

Author — Matt Benson


" My sons should be prepared to sacrifice themselves for the sake of " Mama talk ... WOW 😦

Author — lena mac


Tradition is the rock each nation stands on.

Author — rose fiend


do I hear Magan Kelly's voice, because the messed up narrative is just her style

Author — Valera Baranovsky


38:12 that's what you call democracy. There isn't enough of you

Author — Globalcellulars


Barbara is probably grounded right now after their parents see this.

Author — Hawaii 5O


the oligarch are back worldwide and they will, once again, exact their thirst for power on the people of the wold.

Author — Olin Aleman


''Come back when you're dead'' Russian humour? 😂😂😂

Author — lol lol


1918 the commies did the same thing a million times. What goes around comes around. Good for Putin!

Author — SassyHershsey SassyHershey


“Come back when you are dead”——-wow!?’

Author — Mohammed shibil


As the famous saying goes... history likes to repeat itself

Author — dborg