Article 370 Dilution: How Centre, not Kashmir, Has Lost Special Status | Karan Thapar

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In a detailed interview, Karan Thapar speaks to Faizan Mustafa, Vice-Chancellor at NALSAR
University of Law, on whether the Centre's decision to render Article 370 ineffective and break J&K into two is
constitutionally valid or not. They also speak about what happens next when this decision is challenged in the Supreme Court. Mustafa tells Thapar that though the court is unlikely to show urgency in this matter, the Centre's failure to ascertain the views of the state assembly can be grounds for striking down the move.

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Karan Thapar is making sure the guy loses his vice chancellor job.

Author — Tabish Hassan


"Truth has become irrelevant. We live in post-truth world!" .. powerful words by Prof.

Author — Srikanth Gadicherla


Where are such intellectual journalists gone
Now a days it's fish market journalism we watch

Author — poembookshop


This man is the Stephen Hawkins of indian constitution. 🙏 Gurudev.

Author — manzoor Athar


No one is better than Faizan sir on the debate of constitution and its values.

Author — Harsh


His idea of journalism revolves around separatism .watch his interviews with md arif and dr swamy!

Author — Ashish


What a discussion, changed my way completely. Keep going..

Author — Shashank Kumar Srivastava


Very informative and enlightening. . .

Also fun drinking game. . .take a shot every time Karan says "But you're making a very important point"

Author — Arpit Jolly


One of the best interviews, I have seen on article 370.👍🙏

Author — Vikram Chaudhary


Sir ek baar fir se modi ji ka interview Ho jaye
Bus apni dosti bani Rahe

Author — Sanjay Malve


No other debate, discussion clarifies this issue as clearly as this interview did.
Best interview on Art 370. Mr. Karan Tapar had the best question which were never asked before by any other jurnalist and Mr. Faisan Mustafa deserves great respect to his mastery shown in all the answers he gave.
Hope that he remains in his post even after this interview, even otherwise this interview has the potential to reduce terror uplift that may happen in Kashmir after J&K people are free.

Author — Adrash N D


This interview is a textbook of Article 370! 👍👍👍

Author — robinson gangte


Such great discussions... always pleasure to listen to Prof. F Mustafa so clear thoughts, thanks Karan Sir for asking valid questions on this sensitive topic.

Author — Unmesh Desale


I will pay atleast some amount of earnings for this interview. Thank you "Wire" for the above.

Author — Lovepreet Singh


This guest from Hyderabad is awesome... He's answering better than Karan's questions

Author — Dr.prabhakar's Stuff


What was that.... I had a picture entirely different of 370.... excellent in depth interview... Jai hind

Author — Vivek Thakur


Tappar desperate to separate Kashmir from India 😅. Just business as usual for this traitor.

Author — Scott Haselbery


Wonderful discussion.... Clearing many myths...
Thanks the wire..mr thapar and mr mustafa

Author — ashar hasan


I think Mr Faizan Mustafa should be frequently called upon to make such lucid clarifications whenever needed!

It's indeed very enlightening, thank you both and the Wire!

Author — Haatho Singh


20:00 after listening to this conversation I come to conclusion the whole 370 drama have been done to take away attention of public from the slowing economy.

Author — Amit Carbyne