US coronavirus cases rise for the third day in a row, and China approves nasal spray vaccine testing

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Yahoo FInance's Anjalee Khemlani breaks down the latest news on COVID-19 cases in the United States and China approving nasal spray vaccine testing.
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All about money.. criminals come in all shapes, colors, and sizes..

Author — ShartingFish


yes, "cases, cases, cases". of course the previous three days fell off because of lack of reporting over the holiday weekend. hack "news" read by a sloppy, dull presenter. looks like she just flopped out of bed and hasn't seen a gym in years.

Author — J R


Who’s willing to bet the COVID case/death count isn’t going to reset in March? It’s just going to keep going up and up to justify more lockdowns and restrictions.

Author — Nicholas Eickman


So, from the people who brought us the corona virus, we're supposed to trust them with a "cure"?

Author — Columbus1152


Crazy how the virus be missing all big businesses. Smart ass virus if ya ask me

Author — Gursewak Singh


Didn’t the cases drop down to 2.2K today??? From 30K explain how that is “rising”

Author — Dark RH


Little tip: don’t read comments on a political video

Author — Leafbou


Cases are up? Sweet! That means that the death percentage is even lower now.

Author — Bob Stevens


When you inflate the cases by not telling people the active cases but the overall cases.

Author — WJB372


It looks going to be a long time, hope all the best for people!

Author — 夏威夷赏瓷堂 Antique Arts Collection


Wow a vaccine race!! The money being made... The 1% Is loving this!!!!

Author — Rillakilla Rillakilla


You ever studied germ warfare. Step one develops the germ weapon. Step two develop anti germ agents to control the weapon so it does not effect your own country. Test the weapon. If you have a large citizen population and don't care, turn it lose. Hmm starting to sound like something I've read. Now add that your country make most of the worlds medicine already because it's cheap. Hey we can make a lot of money here and possibly take over a couple of countries. Impossible it's all in your head. Nine months ago did you think America would be tearing itself apart with the help of Democratic's and Public News Sources.

Author — James Kilby


Walk outside barefoot wash ya hands get plenty of sun and water and eat as healthy as possible that's about as good as it gets.

Author — James Hopper


I find it odd that politicians let criminals out of prison and allow protest on the streets.
But ordinary folks can't have gatherings like weddings and family reunions.

Author — GJ Dunston


Their whole life, sheep are scared of the wolf. However, in the end, it's the shepherd who eats them.

Author — scott- o


Video is active committed global US cell terrorism activity and propaganda

Author — BigWasabi


Can people look at how wrong the numbers are and not that deaxclt at all only for people with asthma or are already having and issue



It won’t even let the government should have done that the people will stay home and safe

Author — Omar Abbas


Media, I never believed the media in my whole life...

Author — Selena channel


Rinsing the nose with salt water can reduce coronavirus load.

Author — Nature and happiness