Traditional Village Tour in Kazakhstan

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Video 1694 // August 2019 // Saty, Kazakhstan

I visited Kazakhstan with my Dad. We got to Explore the Almaty region, We stayed in the rural village of Saty then on the way back to Almaty got to stop at black canyon

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💬 Comments on the video

Kazakhstan looks so cool, on my bucket list

Author — Avery the Cuban-American


Thoroughly enjoyed this trip vlog. Felt like i was watching the old Louis.

Author — ROLO


Kazakhstan is beautiful, yikes it brings back memories of when I met my ex in university, she was from Kazakhstan : ( I miss her dearly ;_;

Author — Simmy


7:03 Gondola goes with rope, Funicular is like hill tram/lift

Author — Johannes Nikitin


This was so nice to watch
And, I missed the toiled vlogging :D

Author — LZ miljoona


Ohh I'm so Proud😍
Surprised again when the other video is out about Kazakhstan. Operating skills are ON POINT !
Last videos are a whole film🙂
Btw, does Aida have instagram account?

Author — Bagzada Maratovna


THANK YOU LOUIS!!! I've been following you as long as I can remember, but these videos hold a special place in my heart. I was adopted as a baby from Kazakhstan, and being an adoptee it was always hard for me to embrace my culture. You posting these videos really help me!! Thank you again!! Keep doing what you're doing!

Author — Derick Shaffer


been watching you for years now and seeing you explore my country makes me so happy!

Author — Ainura Mukhamejanova


i never knew the landscape had such beautiful mountains and rivers there! Over the summer i was in Guyana and got to spend some time in a village called Sand Creek, this vid reminds me of that place so much

Author — Natalie Rees


Thank you for your inspiration! Now I finally started to post my travel

Author — elena siderealfire


Man! You are amazing! Just truly inspires me to continue pulling through YouTube!

Author — Tomas


You and your dad making great memories! So sweet

Author — T Eye


Any small youtubers wanting to connect?

Author — FAWF


The toilet end was epic ! lol so was the Kazakhstan serie 👍

Author — nezumi djinn


The countryside is really beautiful. A very chill and relaxed video enjoying with your Dad who I think is a great person to hang around with Louis. The drone footage throughout the video is awesome

Author — Pedro Oriz


one life explore it enjoy it make adventure s love from india

Author — explore enjoy adventure


Its been 6 years since I've been in such a remote rural place . All our relatives moved to city. Places like these are dying out.
Views are amazing. Us living in Almaty before moving to capital since I was born - I've never been in mountanious areas. Shame.

Author — Bagzhan Sadvakassov


Lovely video Louis thank you, rounded up a great series of videos from Kazakhstan.. Like you I didn't really know anything about this amazing country & the breath taking drone footage really showed of the landscape! On a side note I think you could make a whole series on "Cole & son travel vlogs" your dad is great, I've always liked the bond you have when you both team up, shame he & you are so busy, his students are very lucky to have him as a teacher. x

Author — Fiona Browne


Beautiful scenery. I might have to think about Kazakhstan as a destination. Beautiful aerials! What drone do you use?

Author — Cormack Roadtrip


Feels like for ever when you last uploaded a video

Author — ShaneStanley109