Maria Callas sings 'Casta Diva' (Bellini: Norma, Act 1)

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The great Maria Callas performs an aria from her signature role, Bellini's druid priestess Norma, with the Orchestre de l'Opera National de Paris and Georges Sebastian. Recorded live at the Palais Garnier on the 19th of December 1958, this concert marked the soprano's debut at the Paris Opera, a major social event for Parisians and for which Callas donned her most elegant couture and a million dollars' worth of jewelry.


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I have never heard of this talent before tonight but I am glad I learned of her. Now I can see the true power of Opera

Author — Wutaii1 Nostalgia


She's not only an amazing singer, she's also an amazing actress

Author — Tobiasz Michalik


She is so beautiful... inside and outside. Not to mention her voice.

Author — soisun


Her voice clear like a mountain spring, fresh like sea breeze coming without effort full of sentiment and passion! I was in Epidavros Greece when she sang "The Puritans" I was just a kid but I cried through all the performance. There will never be another opera singer like her!

Author — Costara Paraskevi


Unbelievable. This concert was in 1958, 63 years ago and still, no other singer sings like Maria.
Who's listening in 2021??

Author — eitan jakoubovitch


Какой талантище, какая аристократическая внешность, чарующий голос. Много было дано Марии, кроме простого женского счастья, в жизни пришлось узнать о обожание публики и предательство. Вечная память о ней в наших сердцах, ее почитателей.

Author — Nadezhda Somova


Боже, ее уж нет на этом свете, а ее забыть невозможно, этот льющийся из под небес голос, этот облик богини. Мария Каллас это легенда!

Author — Rachael Sting


Ой, какая певица ! Без всякого напряжения .Так спокойно берёт высочайшие ноты .Высший класс ! Лучше никто не исполнял .Браво !👏👏👏🎋🎋🎋🎋🎋

Author — Алма Болатова


Норма-это она сама, её возлюбленный оказался таким же негодяем, как и возлюбленный Нормы, Мария изливает душу слушателю, она рассказывает о своей растоптанной любви, она делится со слушателем своими переживаниями!Это живой разговор, живое исполнение!Вот в чём различие между Каллас и другими исполнителями, другим исполнителям, просто не дано того, что есть у Каллас!Мы-слушатели-её аудитория, её семья, её дом, она рассказывает о сокровенном, о наболевшем!

Author — maia hudieva


I actually met this incredible singer when I was 16 (!'m 64). She came to Pittsburgh for a performance, and paid a visit to a music program in which I was enrolled on Saturdays for musically gifted students (not a snob, that was the name of the program) She attended the Master Class session, and I had no idea who she was. But to the day I die, I will never forget her voice. We were in a choir room with the chairs on semi-circular steps. She stood by the piano at the front of the room and I was in about the 5th or 6th row, so about 10 or 12 feet away. She cranked up and hit a couple of notes that actually made the fabric of my shirt flutter. Just amazing...at the end of the class, we were allowed to ask questions, and then she spoke to a few of us. I tried to speak to her but my mouth was actually not working right, and I KNOW my eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head.. She gave me that 1000watt smile and let it go. Just an amazing talent and wonderful person..

Author — David Schmidt


Madam Callas did not just have the gift of this angelic voice. She had beauty (which she never admitted). She spoke 4 languages fluently (French, Italian, greek, and english). Was articulate and extremely sharp and handled interviews gracefully. What a loss to this world that she have died at a young age with a broken heart.

Author — moe sauce


А я скажу как русский, живущий в Петербурге. Это шедевр. И нет замены!

Author — Roma Sergeev


Callas's superlative difference lies in the fact that she was the greatest actress or actor among opera singers of the 20th century. Opera is after all theatre, not solely music. Many can sing. and many can act, but very, very few are great singers and great actors altogether.

Author — Charles Zigmund


Какой чудный голос, какое мастерство, лёгкость, филигранность в пассажах, и всё как бы под сурдинку!!! Ей нет

Author — Luda Luda


Огромное спасибо. Просто оголенная душа! Изумительно!

Author — Светлана Вислобокова - Народный лидер России


I am from Russia and l like this music. It's excellent 💗She's beautiful 👏

Author — Ольга Барсукова


А представляете счастье, кто слушал, А, у нас, в молодости, не у всех, была возможность иметь проигрыватель.
Спасибо, создателям интернета. Гении.
Спасибо, за божественный голос .
Всем, спасибо.

Author — svetlana butakova


Callas went away, but her voice forever stay.

Author — Dany Chetran


This is painfully beautiful. Tragic, existential, Italian.

Author — Florian Bux


Легко и свободно льётся волшебный голос Марии... Великую Каллас будут слушать ещё многие поколения после нас... Спасибо за публикацию.

Author — фотинияя