Chris Christie: Trump 'Blew It' With The Shutdown

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Chris Christie: Trump 'Blew It' With The Shutdown4.5
'Let Me Finish' author Chris Christie assesses Trump's government shutdown plan: 'the President blew it.'

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This might be the quietest the audience has been as the guest is walking out.

Author — Selina Kyle


I like how the band played loud to cover no applause.

Author — ohsnapiam59


The band is playing extra loud to cover for the fact that no one cheered for Christie's entry.

Author — Jesse Cole


That's how you run an interview. Be kind to your guest, but don't ignore the elephant in the room.

Author — Daniel Rabinowitz


So much respect for Stephen for remaining pleasant while radiating cool contempt.

Author — The Lexicon


Can we give it up for Stephen staying mature and pleasant this entire interview? A potentially uncomfortable interview made less so-this is how we facilitate discussion.

Author — lizard4343


Love how Colbert talks over Christie while introducing his book, "Let me finish" 0:51

Author — Kalle Noble


Chris Christie "blew it" with his partial shutdown of George Washington Bridge access. Imagine creating a multi-day massive traffic jam and interfering with interstate travel and emergency vehicles ... just to punish a local Democratic mayor for not endorsing him. For days he totally ignored desperate pleas to reopen access. It was so bad that the Governor of a different state (NY) had to order the Port Authority to stop the closure. Imagine screwing your own state so badly that the Governor of a different state has to step in to stop the evil stupidity. Yep, that was Chris Christie blowing it.

Author — Merlin Alfonso


The only thing Christie knows how to shut down is a bridge.

Author — tennisdude52278


He's the most unlikable man trying too hard to be likable.

Author — MarianaGrilla


If anyone knows about shutting down something out of spite.. it's this guy.

Author — New Message


I have ZERO respect for Chris Christie so there was no way he could disappoint me anymore than he already has. I felt let down that Stephen didn't roast him TO HIS FACE when he had the chance. That leather skinned beached whale is everything that is wrong with politics in America. He is one of the many soulless, shameless sycophants in the Republican party who sold out the country for someone like Trump and we should NEVER forget him as the opportunistic traitor he has always been.

Author — TennesseeDouglas


Trump is doing a great job, as a Russian asset with a goal of destroying American democracy.

Author — ScytheNoire


Sure, drink alcohol but don't smoke pot . It's so much safer .

Author — New gutierrez


Sometimes Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, Bill Maher, etc interview someone who I generally don’t agree with their political views. But you come away with a bit of respect for them as a person, and respect for those different opinions. This wasn’t one of those moments.

Author — Mark Styles


so thats where the missing 700 hamberders went.

Author — Inevitable Crafts Lab


Worst governor IN NJ history, when the folks who know you best hate your

Author — rmyAddison


Anyone who tries to force you to drink is a deuce.

Author — JustMe


Well Chris Christie literally blew everything! He even blew Trump, and still didn’t get a cabinet position.

Author — Michael Banks


"we're halfway there, living on a prayer" nice intro song burn

Author — Kirsten Foster