How I Manage My Personal Finances as a Finance Expert (Money Tips You Can Use!)

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Here's how I manage my personal finances! One of the most popular posts on the Clever Girl Finance blog is how I saved 100k in 3 years while I was in my 20s, single and before I had kids.

Since then, the way I manage my finances has changed – I have kids and a spouse who also earns an income and so people ask me frequently how I manage my finances and continue to save as I go through different life transitions.

So, in this video, I'm sharing a high-level overview of how I manage my finances (with my spouse) along with some tips and suggestions!

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I'm just a kid who just turned 15 and is getting an idea on managing personal finances

Author — Arkskies


Being a single mom, I manage my finances by a written budget, using cash, and multiple bank accounts. I am a paycheck to paycheck budgeter and I am so excited about investing iin 2020.

Author — Budget Treasures


You must be very sensible with your finances and it just makes total sense to cut your expenses to a more affordable level. Great video!

Author — Smart Wallet And Me


Good Morning Clever Girl Finance, Thanks again for educating us on how to manage and budget our finances. --> Looking forward to watching your next video

Author — Tech Unboxing Videos


This is definitely helpful as to what is possible with discipline which I am not...2020 may just be tbe year. Did not realize this has to be daily to succeed...Thank you and Happ y Holiday🌲

Author — Sharmaine Williams


Salute to u thanx for the content stay strong



This year I have begun to use cash for every day purchases like groceries. I find that I am more mindful of my spending, as Bola said in this video. This method also enabled me encouraged me to save money. I tired the $5 savings challenge, in which I saved every $5 that I received as change. In 12 weeks I saved $340! I also have multiple savings accounts for emergencies, entertainment, and a third one which I haven't decided what to do with it yet, lol. I purposely asked not to have a debit card associated with these accounts so that I don't have easy access to them. So I'll have to go the bank to make a withdrawal if I really have to.

Author — Yazmir Torres


Hi Bola! Are all your accounts in the same bank? In how many bank are you? Thanks!

Author — Sandy Fifi


I didn’t consider having a separate account for emergency fund (completely unexpected) and for sinking expenses (expected, large expenses). I manage my finances using a budgeting app along with pen and paper. I budget for the month on the app, and then I budget weekly or bi-weekly with the pen and paper. No credit cards. In 2020 I want to transition to using more cash or a pre-paid card for fun money/non-essential items. I have One checking and one savings. I had a Rise savings account but they decided to close so now I have a third account with Chime. I also want to begin investing outside of my 401k; and I want to try our SELF lending. Thanks for sharing with us how you manage your finances!

Author — Stacy Jeffries


Great video, do you use a savings account or sub savings accounts with the same bank? I use Mint for tracking expenses, all expenses are on a credit card for cash back, and each month I pull my data in excel like a P&L.I have broken down between non-discretionary aka needs: mortgage/food/auto stuff VS Discretionary aka wants: movies, eating out, clothing. I run a 90% vs 10% ratio. With lower expenses and dollar-cost averaging for my 401K & Roth IRA I am in great shape (took 2 years)

Author — Michael Collier


I love your videos. You've totally inspired me to start my own channel as well. I hope to be just as big and to positively impact others just like you do 🙂. Great content and keep up the good work.

Author — John On Demand


If you are reading this, 2021 will be great and your personal finance is going to be in order

Author — Lets talk about Mulla