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Alright, I know a lot of you miss the theories, and so do I. So here’s one that at first glance will make you roll your eyes, but by the end of this video, I think you’ll be able to see a lot of the plausibility of things.
The more I write this theory, the more it makes sense, but first we need to understand a lot of lore and backstory, so sit tight, and enjoy this one with me.

In Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu fell out of the window, and we haven’t seen the Jedi Master since. We saw a figment of his return in one of the Vader comics by Marvel which I have full coverage on with voice acting, if you can call it that, now this Mace isn’t really Mace, it’s some weird fragmented animated version of him....can we say he’s truly dead?
In this theory video, I’m going to say he didn’t die that day. The theory I have behind this, is that we heard his voice speak to Rey in the rise of Skywalker. You’re probably thinking, well…that definitely means he’s dead, right?
Sure, maybe, but, how did he speak to Rey? If it wasn’t for Qui-Gon Jinn, no one would be a force ghost. Qui-Gon Jinn met with the shaman of the whills, now these were ancient powerful beings, almost like priests of some sorts. During Qui-Gon’s life, they taught him how to transfer his essence beyond death. However, due to his untimely demise, he wasn’t able to complete his training, therefore only able to manifest his voice as a ghost, and not his body, until much later near a new hope which can be read in the book from a certain point of view. In Revenge of the Sith, Qui-Gon’s force ghost speaks to Yoda, it was cut from the film, but it was dialogued in the deleted scenes and written in the original script. That moment on Polis Massa where Yoda is meditating during Padme’s labor, to which Bail Organa, the future adopted father of Leia, interrupts Yoda’s communication with Qui-Gon. Once Padme dies and obi-wan and Yoda speak, we learn that Qui-Gon is now Yoda’s master, who has taught him how to commune with him in the force. To Obi-Wan’s surprise, Qui-Gon is still very much around in the force.

So, where did he go? The Star Wars galaxy is huge, and it’s possible that he fled somewhere, or went in hiding, just like Yoda, Obi-Wan and the rest of the survivors of Order 66.
What if he went somewhere to some unknown planet in the unknown regions somewhere to hide and train more Jedi? What if he became a Mandalorian? Nothing would suit his scarred and recognizable face better than hiding under a helmet.

This leads me to my next theory, what if Mace Windu is in The Mandalorian? What if he shows up in season2 or 3 or more? Mace Windu was unbelievably powerful, so powerful that he went toe to toe with the Emperor.

Now, if Mace is alive, seeing him as a Mandalorian would not just be cool, it would fit a lot of the story for the Jedi that could help reunite the child with his species. There is no person in the galaxy that knows Yoda better than Mace Windu. He sat with him as second in command, and in some cases, first in command. Mace in a lot of ways, was the chosen one. He used the light and the dark, he was the master of his emotions, and he had surpassed all of his teachers as a young boy, growing to become the most powerful Jedi just before Anakin could see his full potential until he lost to OBiWan.

Let’s say Mando takes The Child to Ahsoka, and she eventually tells him of someone who can really show him the way to reuniting the Child with its species, pointing him to another Easter egg hunt throughout the galaxy, to Mace Windu.Mace could be laying low, perhaps growing his crops and training those who exhibited force powers at an early age. Perfecting his abilities and learning more about all aspects of the force, and eventually along the way, learning a ton from Yoda who communed with him, and Obi-Wan after their deaths. Perhaps even, coming across Luke Skywalker and learning of the fate of Anakin and the Emperor. Teaching Luke so much about his father’s youth.

This could be Mace’s return, this could be how Mace fits into the Mandalorian. So you’re probably saying, well ok, but what about his death…well…What if while the Mando is finding the path to Mace Windu, he is followed by someone notorious flying the Slave 1 ship and once he does leave Mace, with the information on where to reunite The Child with his parents, Boba comes to him. How poetic would it be if Mace Windu’s death came full circle, and what I mean is, Boba Fett finds him, and kills him, transcending him into the force…avenging his father, Jango.

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Samuel L Jackson said himself that he would like to come back and doesn’t believe that Mace died. If him and Boba had a face off, my life would be complete

Author — Stuart Atkinson


Star Wars Character: *dies off-screen*
Fans: Yep, he/she's alive.

Author — Sempy


Didn't Mandalore have melee weapons that resisted light saber strikes too? Talking knights of Old Republic times here. What a tease at the end!

Author — JasonConBongos


Anyone who has seen episode 13 knows that this theory is promising. Hoping that mace shows up to Tython at the temple.

Author — PCR Master Mix


On Coruscant he would have hed to fall for quite a long time - during that time he could have levitated himself close to any vehicle and grab on to it softening his impact using the Force.

Author — TheThoughtPolice


Mace returns after falling out of the windu

Author — Darth Sand


After today’s ep this could happen, but i feel Ezra is the more likely option.

(I hope it’s mace tho)

Author — J/NC\B


"Get these mother fucking Jawas out of my mother fucking millennium falcon."

Author — Sean Zabala


Can we just boycott the sequel trilogy as canon so we can open the future up again to allow these amazing theories

Author — trevnevit123


Just hearing someone talk about this makes me so happy.

Author — Chameleon


Mace: 'Who sent you?'
Mandalorian: 'Ahsoka Tano'
Mace: 'Ah yes. The citizen.'

Author — XentimenT


Well, either luke or ezra. Though this theory got some heat. Also Windu and Grogu, what a combo.

Author — Freddy


it actually makes less sense that mace windoo died than if he had survived.

Author — DarkBlade51224


Isn’t Jedi: Fallen order canon? What if cal makes some kind of appearance, he would only be slightly older than the mando

Author — Ly Ngoc Hue


Mace Windu: Bring me my lightsaber.
Padawan: Which one is yours, Master Windu?
Mace: It's the one that says "BAD MOTHERF*CKER" on it!

Author — M.D.Metal


"fell out of a window"
he was YEETED

Author — Sp3ak3asy


Wasn't windu like trained in both Jedi and Sith ways that's why he has a purple lightsaber?

Author — Dimitris Koutelidas


Yes, but hes evil now and Mando has to take him down....again

Author — Alberto Franco


Boba Fett:

*_H E A V Y B R E A T H I N G_*

Author — What the What the 911


the rise of skywalker was just nostalgia baiting. But i would love Mace Windu's return.

Author — grace4five