Tour of the Arctic (2/2) – from Greenland to Alaska | DW Documentary

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Two film crews explore the spectacular wilderness of the Arctic. The people who live there face dramatic changes. Part two takes viewers from East Greenland to Alaska.

The region around the North Pole is one of the greatest and least-known wildernesses in the world - and it’s rapidly changing due to global warming. 350 people, most of them Inuit, live in Ittoqqortoormiit in Greenland. The nearest settlement is on neighboring Iceland. Almost 800 kilometers of Arctic Ocean separate the two islands. The film team accompanies an Inuit family through Scoresby Sound, a fjord system on the eastern coast of Greenland. They travel hundreds of kilometers in small boats through pack ice, passing icebergs as high as skyscrapers. On the way they meet whalers who are hunting for narwhals in summer. In this Inuit culture, narwhal skin and polar bear goulash have ensured survival for thousands of years. Greenpeace and WWF activists want to stop whaling and polar bear hunting - but this poses a threat to the indigenous way of life on Greenland. On the expedition through the world's largest fjord system, the team learns about the consequences of global warming: melting permafrost and a rapid increase in greenhouse gases. The changes are worrying. Some say they have brought benefits to the far north — the ice breaks up earlier and so too does the hunting season. However, the risks outweigh this benefit. The knowledge and way of life that have been passed down from generation to generation may soon be unsustainable.


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I am addicted to DW Documentary ❤️ always fascinating story

Author — Chetan Narve


This is a living challenge for Artic people, Amazing how Life there is about a jacket, more jackets and more... I live in southern Africa (Namibia) and you can sleep in the wild in a simple shirt and shorts. Here, you can relatively end a year without wearing a jacket (if not for rain reasons). Just amazing how our beautiful planet is diverse in every way.

Author — Vilho Royal K.


I'd appreciate living in a place like this so peaceful

Author — hyboid hub


As an American, I wish we learned more about the people that populated our vast country, in particular those who live in the far north in Alaska. At least in my experience, so little was taught about our fellow Americans and North Americans who live in the frozen tundras and wilderness of Alaska and Canada. History was so focused on the European side of things that I know practically nothing about what life is or was like for the many tribes and natives of the US, Canada and even Mexico. Thanks DW for giving me some insight.

Author — Nick is Vennlig


another outstanding documentary from DW, thank you!

Author — Jeff Kayton


I had to put on warm socks and cosy mittens Just to watch this

Author — _Foul Mouths_


So cool! I'm from the north of Sweden. Also at the Arctic Circle :)

Author — Stoic Stefan


Perfect show to end this crazy year! Keep it up DW!

Author — HENRY DO


This was so good I didn't want it to end

Author — Old School


"Polar bear goulash"

**Angry Hungarian noises**

Author — Jevin Liu


Global warming covid scamdemic. Cameltoe harris to the rescue! 😂

Author — Larry Norsworthy


I forgot all my sorrows and sadness for 42 minutes! Thank you DW, we love you!

Author — Assiduous Learners


There is no need for oil fields in Alaska. It's way easier to get loads of it from Iraq ...

Author — Zain Saleem


14:18 "get the kids back to the village its getting too cold!" *no one is even wearing gloves*

Author — Automate games


Makes me want to at least visit the Arctic circle.

Author — Ryan Haddock


The native people way of life and culture around the world has been affected for many centuries, climate change has just made it a big challenge. Love the northern lights

Author — Feisal Dianga


DW is to be congratulated on superb documentary's. 🏆 Possible the worlds finest. From Florida

Author — thinkabout


beautiful documentary, continue these.

Author — a k


Thanks for exploring . I never ever be there but through you i can see and feel it.What a natural beauty. I love cold my Birth place is also cold but no like this 😂😂🤔👍🇳🇵❤️✌️🙏

Author — Santosh gurung


how are non of them wearing gloves!! Survival of the fittest!

Author — cksh 418