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"I was never good at sports"


We all felt that

Author — Queen_ Of_Everything


the person singing sounds like *Robin* from *Stranger* *things* ....

Author — janiele cocoa


I'm 46 years old. This music rocks my world.

Author — Amse Master


Y’all complain about Tiktok “ruining” songs when really I actually like finding out these songs...thank god another great song Tiktok introduced me to😌✌🏽

Author — Brooke Kamara


this song should be in a movie

edit: holy shit thanks for the likes ❤️

Author — ash.


I’m getting a really harsh early 2000s feeling in this

*and i love it*

Author — taro


if you feel lonely, I could be lonely with you 
tell me baby, why do you seem so blue? 

why are we so complicated? 
maybe love is overrated 

I'm tired of waiting! I was never good at sports 
save the games for the girls on the tennis court 
say you need me, but lately, you feel unsure 
come on to me, come on to me, I need more 

if you feel broken, promise I won't break your heart 
if you shatter, I won't let you fall apart 

why are we so complicated? 
love's a word I've always hated! 

I'm tired of waiting! I was never good at sports 
save the games for the girls on the tennis court 
say you need me, but lately, you feel unsure 
come on to me, come on to me, I need more 

it always feels like 

I need more 
Jesus Christ you're so confusing! 
if we keep score
bet my money that i'm losing

Author — H Williams


Making me dance around in my room like they do in movies

Edit: Holy crap thanks for all the likes!!

Author — IRLoli


if this song was a person i'd let it stab me.

in a good way.


Author — Grinn


My 9 year old daughter and I absolutely LOVE this song!!! Our only complaint is that we wish it was longer cuz we skip it back and replay it like three times each time we listen to it haha (its actually a perfect length, we just love the song) Beautiful. Thank you so much for making great music.

Author — Nicholas Myers


This reminds me of a movie that doesn’t exist and feels really nostalgic I have no idea why

Author — anotherbillieeilishfan


Boys: Listen to rap
Men: Listen to Beach Bunny

Author — Mackenzie Curry


Everyone is like "This sounds like Robin from Stranger Things!"
but I hear Veronica from The Heathers

Author — Ollie the Amanita


The girl who sings this song is the main character. No debate

Author — Raw Kermit


literally i feel Robin from Stranger Things when i listen to this.

Author — Mya


i describes this song to a friend as "Mean Girls but gay"

Author — Lorie Carpenter


I’m... I’m actually crying I’ve never heard a female singer like this. This is how my voice sounds and the style I love. I’ve been bullied for this shit but I’m SO wildly enamored by this band, it’s actually helped my confidence. So... weird thank you for that, genuine thank you for creating such beautiful art

Author — miseryschewtoy


why why WHY am i just now finding this band

Author — jacob guilty


This is such a cute and sweet song, it makes me remember the way i met my boyfriend. It’s a silly story but he started liking me when he saw me in the “test class”, i was in 9th grade (we have this “+1year” in Brazil) and he was in his freshman year, but i never noticed him cause i was not friends with the highschoolers. But one day, my P.E class was at the same time of the highschool recess, and i was playing volleyball with my friends when they joined us, it was like a really cliche anime, and my eyes were glued on him, I thought he was looking at my girl friends behind me, cause i’m really shitty at volleyball and they are pretty and very athletic, but in the end he was looking at me. He took my number with one of my friends and we started a really good friendship, and in the last day of school i hugged him and said goodbye, he says this was the day he looked in my eyes and had the certain that he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me, so he confessed to me by message and i thought he was joking so i just laughed and ignored. 2 months later i took courage and confessed to him, but he was in Canada at the time, but he said he liked me back! When he came back to Brazil we went to the mall and we confessed to each other”officially”, 2 weeks later we met again at the same mall and i gave him a letter saying “i love you” at the end, and guess what? He gave me a letter too and in the end it was written “i love you”. We dated for one year, he broke up with me cause i said he couldn’t love me if he didn’t love himself first and it was the worst day and month of my life, i went to Europe and made contact with him again, just talking to him made me so happy, and then when i came back we hanged out again and decided to try again, so we are back together now and happier than ever :) ❤️

Author — Esther Show


No one:
Not a single soul:
10 year olds: TiKtOk RuInED ThIS

Author — Halal girl