Creating Billion Dollar Technology in Kazakhstan prepared for Nazarbayev University

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This film is prepared for academic purposes and was presented for full-time MBA students during Bekkozha's Muslimov guest lecture at Nazarbayev University. The film is aimed at inspiring Kazakhstani entrepreneurs to create billion dollar technology companies. We asked leading London venture capitalists two questions:

1) Can Billion Dollar Technology Company be created everywhere?
2) What advice would you give to Kazakhstani entrepreneurs?

This video includes interviews by the following VC investors:

1) Matt Clifford, co-founder of Entrepreneur First;
2) Joe Schorge, founder and Managing Partner of Isomer Capital;
3) Zach Tan, Director at Infocomm Investments;
4) Bill Earner, Managing Partner at Connect Ventures;
5) Rob Kniaz, Managing Partner at Hoxton Ventures;
6) Antoine Nussenbaum, Felix Capital;
7) Chris Wade, Venture Partner at Octopus Ventures and Partner at Isomer Capital;
8) John Henderson, White Star Capital;
9) Ziv Reichert, Blue Wire Capital

Special thank you to Blue Wire Capital team.

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