Yard Politics War

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The Neighborhood battle for ultimate yard sign supremacy! Is it gonna be Trump or Biden, Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter? The bigger and bolder the sign, the better!

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Imagine how confused the people at the sign store were when a guy bought a Trump 2020 and a Biden 2020 sign

Author — Ryan Reed


Only John can make fun of both parties and not offend people. This was hilarious

Author — Jeff Cunningham


I want to get a sign in my yard that says "No lives matter" to confuse the people in my neighborhood.

Author — Jillian Rose


“Rainbow flag or Biden. It’s the same thing at this point”😂

Author — Frida Hill


The moment he put up a handwritten sign things got dangerous. 💯👀

Author — Mexican Martial Arts


As a European I can say that this is exactly how we think of Americans in political matters.

Author — Ane M


The only yard sign on my street said “HUMAN DECENCY 2020.”

Author — Anita Wallace


"The insanity of the right that I hear on CNN has driven me to the radical left" meanwhile... "The insanity of the radical left that I hear on Fox news has driven me to the far right" That was the best part 😂👌

Author — Brandon Parra


i saw a sign that said "Aaron Burr 1800; 'talk less, smile more!'"

Author — graham CRACKER


My dad got a yard sign that said “Made You look”

Edit: we think someone stole it-

Author — • MayPlayz •


The comments on this: *Guys let's just laugh about the video and not get political!*

The replies: *We don't do that here.*

Author — noahh


"That's a very simple phrase, but I found a way to be offended by it." So accurate.

Author — Cressida Cochran


I just want a sign that says "I don't care, humans suck'

Author — Daisy Bravo


"I've STILL found a way to be offended!" Pretty much sums up the last 6 years or so.

Author — Devi_916


Hey let’s give some credit to John for buying all these signs. Holding all those at once walking out of a store would have people real confused.

Author — Zboy!


“Should I go rainbow flag or Biden sign, ”
“Eh at this point they’re the same thing, ”

Author — UltimateBub


“I can’t even believe that he put up an American Flag...in America. So disrespectful” 😂

Author — Ian Jacques


“What do you want me to do? understand something from some else’s perspective?” That just summed up all the problems in the entire world

Author — Erin Michelle


“What do you want me to do here, understand someone else perspective?”

Author — Reignkings 12


I'm starting a new movement, "All signs matter."

Author — Firewarrior999