Coronavirus: Italy lifts restrictions after world’s longest shutdown - BBC News

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Italy, the first country in the world to impose a national lockdown to try to control the pandemic, has lifted some of its toughest restrictions.

The country has registered its lowest daily death toll since the lockdown began two months ago. But the effects of closing down much of the country have been harsh for many people.

In the United States, President Trump has again accused China of a cover-up over the origins of the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier this year Donald Trump was praising China’s handling of the crisis and congratulating President Xi.

But in recent weeks the American President has accused China’s government of failing to control the spread of the virus and of covering up the source of the infection.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Mark Lowen in Italy and North America Editor Jon Sopel in Washington.

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I live in North Italy, in one of the worst hotspots of the virus. Yesterday I could finally go out for a long walk. There were kids and teenagers all around, very well-mannered, keeping social distancing, all wearing a mask. The silence was finally replaced by talking and also laughing. It's the first step but I felt a deep sense of joy. Stay safe, cheers.

Author — Alex Phoenix


Italy deserves to live in peace, they suffered so much.

Author — Ahmad Razi


The Italians warned the uk goverment to lock down early and they choosed science intead their heading for a major disaster.Goodluck Italy our thoughts and prayers are with all love from N.Ireland ❤

Author — Jacqueline Mullan


Uk is no where near Italy and wants to end lockdown. Rip.

Author — Tom Mclean


Hopefully the Italians make it back to being how they were

Author — Moto Trooper


Italy has suffered the most in Europe. Good to see them recovering.

Author — Peter Solar channel


I live in North Italy and today i left the house for the first time in over two months (my dad was the one who went grocery shopping during the lockdown so i've literally never went out) and i went for a walk by myself. I stopped in front of the bar near my high school, where me and my friends used to have breakfast every friday morning before this thing happened, and i cried while listening to "le mie amiche" ("my girlfriends") by la Pina which is a 90's song that we always listen to when we are togheter. I can't wait to hug them again :(

Author — iwantmore berries


Seeing comments on here clearly not realising that we are now in a far worse situation than Italy and everyone is keen to end lockdown

Author — ShotgunEclair


Blessing people in Italy and hope everything will be fine from now on

Author — baibeiye


"I can tell there is a significant amount of evidence that came from that laboratory in, where have I heard about significant amount of evidence before? 🤔 ahh yes....just before invading Iraq.

Author — Blond Jesus


As an Italian Living in the UK (and I never thought I'd say this), I'd feel much safer in my own country right now

Author — Alice Guala


“Earlier Trump praised President Xi...but now that’s all changed”
Where the hell have you been for the last month

Author — JP BLACK


Death toll in UK has sadly surpassed that in Italy.

Author — Andrea Piccini


Italians showed responsability and great courage this time.

Author — Simone Dylan


The UK has a higher death toll than Italy now

Author — Francesco Mercanti


Italy is one of the lovable country.
Yet they suffered lot.
Love from India

Author — M s Dhoni


The Mafia should be ashamed, ashamed, at theirselves

Author — Mr Mawson


A lot of people don’t realise what a nose does.

Author — Belestair Mamoru


Strict lockdown spain italy has paid off but UK lockdown been relaxed throughout

Author — Don Jon


2:19 poor girl she cant even wipe her tears

Author — killer boy