India 360: Lady Don Runs Over Women With Her Tractor Over Land Dispute

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An alleged land mafia's wife went ahead herself carrying a pistol tucked in her saree and ran a tractor over the land. Shockingly, when women of Christian community came to stop her, she ran tractor over those women.

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They see me rollin'
They hating
*desi* me rollin

Author — Alphen Patrick


Hi I was just wondering how you can see it in a few months ago and it is the best regards tjokjgto send you need I can get the chance you can see this

Author — Rehan Khan


somebody said there should be a ceiling on the landholdings of minorities.

Author — sreenivas rao


Idiot police given her vip treatment must be jailed her attempt of murder on girl

Author — Hapy James


Police Vale chudiya aour sadi ban ke marjao nahito aise case ko encounter kardo kab tak

Author — Hazi Baba


india looks more religious state when ew see happening these type of things with

Author — little Universe


Bjp ki sarkar kya bani utpad macha dala up me

Author — Md Baidullah


police are not darpok they have taken enough bribe from this lady and her companion therefore everytime she is arrested she get released Isai (CHRISTIANS) are not so affluent as other religious organisations in India there fore they will suffer until congress takes over.

Author — Anil Matthews


येसे हरमीओ को
कुत्तों की मौत मारना चाहिये

Author — Yashpal Food


aaj tak wale sirf aur sirf hinsa felane k liye hi bane hai bhumafiya jaati dhram dekh k kisi k zamin ki kabja karte hai jo tmne yha isaee dhram ka naam liya. kis se paise leke aise news bnate ho aur video me jo mahila rok rhi hai usme se ek ne desi pistol v rakha hai.
galat trah se news mat bnao desh aise v avi hinsa se ladh rha hai.

Author — Prasad Vicky Kumar


What pistol??? It's an ordinary low quality air pistol.

Author — Satish Shah


Indian Police action is only for powerless n poor

Author — Abdul Ansari


Sigguleni vyavasta. Useless police deportment

Author — mahendar marati


Jameen kisi ke baap ki nahi hoti Jo llaad saka hai wo hi to mahan hai....

Author — Aditya Anand


ye aurat rand hai don nahi iska pati hijda hai

Author — Nitin Shinde


christians ka exploitation ho raha hai u.p mai

Author — Technical Baatein