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It's back-to-school time for much of the world. But the coronavirus has made returning to classes a challenge almost everywhere. We asked our correspondents around the world to tell us how school re-openings are going in their country

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“We can’t figure it out. Cases began to skyrocket right after the kids went back to school.” - pretty much all the brain dead USA politicians

Author — John


What precautions should the school be taking to prevent COVID-19 virus from spreading?
School reopenings should be consistent with each country’s overall COVID-19 health response to help protect students, staff, teachers and their families. Some of the practical measures that schools can take include:

Staggering the start and close of the school day
Staggering mealtimes
Moving classes to temporary spaces or outdoors
Holding school in shifts, to reduce class size👍

Author — Daily Dose of Medicine


The problem with schools reopening is that the coronavirus cases are rising and they might had to shut down again.

Author — Silvia Logan


Coronavirus is very happy for the reopening :))

Author — Kev MG


In usa here in my neighborhood i have not seen the crowds of kids going to and leaving school near me because it would spread covid 19

Author — Michael Houston


So much for kids not getting it. Three days in and we already have one year sent home to isolate after a confirmed case.

Author — Panther 8282


I can tell you that no one is excited about going back to school.

Author — Debo


i had been back to school for months.🙂

Author — 9神赠礼


Everyone I know with school-age children saw this coming and switched to home school over the summer.

Author — Linda Pinda Belinda


Shouldve wait until the vaccine is ready imho

Author — array s


I thought those V signs on the thumbnail are Asian stuff lol no?

Author — 이뚜레레


Models predict 30 thousand covid deaths daily in December.

Author — nemeczek67


I do like this Ugandan Reporter but PLEASE take Simon Kaggwa Njal to DW. He's aking the real questions

Author — ja ne is klar


Tanzanian schools have been open for 3 months now

Author — Ipyana Itika


People need to look ahead. A vaccine will be out soon enough. I think things will get back to normal relatively quickly. Then we can argue over the same old bull we've been arguing over

Author — Keith E. Bilitsky


kids in London have to wear suits to class?! Yikes, poor kids

Author — Wu Tang


This is an ECONOMIC RESET ushering in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 5G/6G facial recognition ID2020 surveillance technology and TRANSHUMANISM. Covid-19 has a more than 99% survival rate.

Author — Dulce Wilcox


Gnews.org prove you the Coronavirus is the military product of emperor's 💀 virus laboratory under China's PLA

Author — Anti - CCP virus


1. trump appointed Bill Gates affiliate, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, as vaccination czar.
2. trump announced his “operation warp speed” will allow 100 million CV-19 vaccinations be injected by October, 2020.
3. trump announced he’s going to use the military for administration of CV-19 vaccinations.
4. trump gave Bill Gates’s GAVI organization 1.16 billion dollars of tax payers money for the development of the CV-19 vaccinations.
5. trump’s lawyer announced that the federal government has the legal rights to force vaccinations on anyone and everyone.
6. Researchers at the FDA announced they have developed at simple, rapid and sensitive test to isolate potential antibodies for “supposedly” developing a CV-19 vaccination. called Luciferase Immunoprecipitation System (LIPS).
7. The FDA disclosed that the CV-19 virus has never been isolated(verified).
8. The trump administration asks States to be ready for CV-19 vaccinations by November. The CDC then sent letters to governors asking them to speed approval of distribution centers by Nov. 1st, just before Election Day

Author — Truth Warrior