Iran regime is beginning to panic: National security analyst

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Iran regime is beginning to panic: National security analyst4.5
National security analyst Rebeccah Heinrichs on mounting U.S. tensions with Iran.

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obama, clinton and Kerry are written all over this. Kerry needs to be shut down completely ~~~ Traitor

Author — Mack House


Why is Kerry advising and counseling Iran ?
Did he register as a foreign agent ?

Author — Mr. Green


This could be a huge win for trump and trump needs Barr to jail Kerry for violating the Logan act

Author — John A. O E


Why is Diane Frankenstein talking to the Iranians behind government's back

Author — Clayton Will


WHO DAMAGED THE OIL BARGES??? THE DEEP makes perfect sense

Author — Peggy miller


old men make war while young men fight and die in war.

Author — bob bob


A a former now retired soldier with actual combat experience, if you want to go to war, then you, or your family members must be on the front lines. I realize war is big business for the USA, but, before you commit some of our finest, make sure you go with them and see for yourself what war looks like on an industrial scale... It is horrific.

Author — FMF Forsyth


State Department must take all the traitors

Author — MAGA Top_USA_RET


the same people that spread the iraqi intel for the 2003 invasion, yeh ok we believe it

Author — M A


Those guys been pouring that molten metal for years. They aren't done yet. Lol 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 think 3 or more years you been showing that.

Author — PoP-PoP62


Textbook Sun Tzu (The Art of War); keeping our adversaries on their heels, while crumbling their economies.

Author — Brian Poor


American Media is Just Propaganda Regime :3

Author — HowZic


"There will be many rumors of wars" -The Book Of Revelations: The Holy Bible, yea i think its kinda safe to say, we very well could be nearing the end times...

Author — DBJ


Watch out for the moves by China and Russia. Jail John Kerry

Author — Andrew Polkowski


The so-called warmonger Trump hasn't gotten into a war yet, contrary to cries from the left during the campaign.

Peace through strength, America first!

Author — thetedmang


Send John Kerry there, and keep in there forever.  He is the one behind telling Iran to start this trouble.  He, like the Democratic Party, IS A TRAITOR!

Author — Robert Antonelli


You fools in the comment section are the reason why they rule over the world. Right eating the left, left eating the right. You know nothing about history. Right and left and both owned and controlled by the same group of people.

-The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourself.

We will always be at war regardless of right wing or left wing president you fools. we will keep fighting their wars because they make money off of it. Instead of becoming a trump die hard fan or trump hater, go and research how the central banks work, who own them and how they finance wars with interest.

Author — K9-1000


I think the question should be....Why the hell are we still doing business with our Enemies...the Chinese?....

Author — Freedom isn’t FREE


The enemies are Saudi Arabia, they attack us on 911 and their Prince only pulls up his dress for little boys

Author — Michael Rapelje


They say people don’t get the picture till the weapons been drawn.

Author — Captain Planet