Tutti Parliamo Italiano! – (News in Slow Italian)

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We all speak Italian!

Well, to be clear, we propose that most Italian language learners, regardless of their level, can understand more Italian that they realize!

That is one of the basic ideas we live by at News in Slow Italian. But what does that mean in action?

It means we utilize the linguistic and cultural similarities between English and Italian to your advantage.

Some people say beware of cognates (words that sound and look similar in different languages) but we think we should embrace them!

So called "false cognates" are actually in the minority and having a clear context is usually enough to clear up any possible confusion.

What it comes down to is this: Exposure is key to language learning. You need to expose yourself to the Italian language as much as you can with content that engages your attention.

We made this video to encourage people, who might not feel so confident about their Italian, to jump in! Listen to podcasts, read books, talk to people, and do it all in Italian!

You can immerse yourself in Italian at:

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Per favore vorrei un grupo whatsaap per praticare l, Italiano