Alan Dershowitz reacts to Roger Stone’s indictment

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Alan Dershowitz reacts to Roger Stone’s indictment4.5
Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz says that almost all of Robert Mueller’s indictments have been committed as a result of his investigation, not from colluding with Russia.

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We are witnessing an orchestrated Coup d'état.

Author — Orlando Santa


Where is the investigation on Clinton’s? Real crimes committed.

Author — Roseanna Bogley


Roger Stone should SUE, , , CNN and the FBI .
100 %

Author — Jaya Madhava das


How did CNN know to be there to film this? Why send in armored SWAT to arrest an unknowingly unarmed man?... Looks like Dramatic Political Theatre set up to me!!! Good Propaganda for CNN!!!

Author — Big Bigby


Good explanation on how Mueller uses blackmail to and threats against targets

Author — Denis Moi


I no longer believe there is any honesty in the FBI. The FBI is in cahoots with CNN.

Author — Betsy Ross


Wow we just became the Soviet Union, and China.

Author — thuan123red


I'm am so sick of this witch hunt by Mueller at all cost! If this POS can get away with this with all the people he is targeting then what chance do any of us deplorables stand?

Author — Ray Rojas


There goes Alan, telling the truth again. The liberals don't want him anymore.

Author — jeffw1267


Mueller acts and looks like the rebirth of the gestapo, it's shameful, and despicable.

Author — Sandy Young


Warrants to raid homes aren't public knowledge beforehand. Why was CNN there at 5:00 am?

Author — Rey B


I'am a legal immigrant and I never thought I would see this take place in America. Long live liberty, justice and freedom of expression. Unlawful persecution is anti Humanity.

Author — dagem A


Alan dershowitz you are the most credible witness so far next to Putin.

Author — Kerrie Macon


Absurd and insane abuse of power, I cannot wait until Mueller gets his door kicked in in the middle of the night . Rename the Justice Department the Gestapo 2.0

Author — dave cee


I will never trust a prosecutor again after seeing how Mueller is treating this elderly man.

Author — Random Person


Talk about Abuse of Power by Mueller!!!

Author — Filomena Braschi


Isn't it strange, the Dems are always innocent and walk free despite their crimes. This is really crazy, America's corrupt political system's gone insane and the world is watching the lying MSM, popcorn ready. A sad farce, you're being betrayed by your own (not Russians).

Author — Larry Fleetwood


Mueller and his team couldn’t find any kind of Russia collusion tied to President Trump so now mueller and his team are arresting people in the hopes of having them make up lies about President Trump.

Author — J A


I pray that Mueller and the rest of the Democratic traitors hang for treason or spend the remainder of their lives in GITMO!

Author — Blood Will Run the Streets


They should drag Hillary out of her house and off to jail. Just like they did to Mr. Stone. Let's help fund Roger's fight.

Author — Mickey S.