Why are Armenia and Azerbaijan fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh? | Start Here

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Armenia and Azerbaijan both want Nagorno-Karabakh badly enough that they’re prepared to go to war over it.
It’s one of the world’s oldest conflicts.
So why are they still fighting?
And why are other countries getting involved?

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More than 6000 people perished within 25 days. World is watching in silence. Not sure which one is more disguising.

Author — Casper van der Echt


Follow the money, look who sells weapons to who, look who it benefits to and look who is penalized

Author — François Rochefort


When strangers enter your house... Do what they want and kicking you out from your home... What would you do..?? Give it to the stranger just like that or fight and protect your family...

Author — Mr Lonely


It is never a good thing when people identify more with a nationality or ethnicity rather than simply human.

Author — Eran Crouse


rich people affecting normal peoples life. the elite are the real enemies

Author — Vuovdi


Wait...did she just get up from her seat just to walk a few steps and sit back down?🤣

Author — Mclovin317


What a simple and classy looking lady. The host.

Author — John


5:10 The reality of war. The open wound is absolutely saddening.

Author — Jude MelRoses


since when the city Ganja was the border city?

Author — Ramiz Guluyev


In every conflict, those who started the agression will always talk about "casualties on both sides"

Author — MGA


stalin created these enclaves, nagorno karabakh and nahcivan, so people continue ethnical battle over there and russia ll keep the lash and there ll be no peace.

Author — Serkanbah


Comparing the two music videos, one is a real gangsta rap the other one is a nursery rhyme

Author — Zingo World


This is so sad this will never stop seeing the faces of the children breaks my heart

Author — T Cole


You know when the United States and Russia are cooperating on this for peace that this needs to get solved.

Author — Islenator


We are almost at the point that we send distracks instead of wars.

Author — The Yellow Blade


The setting seems more appropriate for discussing food recipes than a war.

Author — Chester


The ceasefire is going to postpone the conflict to a later date.

Author — The Game Archiver


finally Drones solved it, now i have a mix feelings when experts warn the future with AI is dangerous.

Author — Rush Zeen


Also seem to be forgetting that almost million azeris which were displaced by the war in the 90s. Then Armenia brought in Armenians from abroad to get the demographics of the region to fall into their favour, important to note.

Author — Frankie Lolleni


6:08 erdoğan mecliste! 😱Seneler oldu böyle manzara görmeyeli.

Author — Ibrahim Deniz