'Tsunami-Like Waves' Overrun Small Harbor in Italy During Storm | Tyrrhenian Sea

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Several meter high 'tsunami-like waves' caused by heavy storms in the Tyrrhenian Sea overrun a small Italian village's safety walls and devastate parts of its harbor. The destructive waves damaged several buildings, flooded streets and swapped away containers. Only due to the harbor's meter high safety walls the powerful waves haven't been able to devastate the whole harbor, including dozens of ships, cars and nearby houses.


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I hope the people are able to cope and have what they need personally and for damage repair and recovery. It would be good to be able to contribute worldwide, to a fund immediately at times like this, to give INDIVIDUAL populations suffering disaster some ready money for cleanup, repair and survival. Unfortunately, no such thing seems set up. Towns, villages and areas suffering disastrous happenings could run a Web address, verified by those reporting/on the scene. This could be added to the report and anyone wishing to do so could sent support.

If these disasters are going to continue, and it seems that this is to be the case, something should be done: Preferably directly and at a local level, so that funding is directed by trustworthy, local people to where it's needed immediately, not squandered on administration.

Author — Norma Hopkin


It doesnt take much to love, and to be loved,
all one has to do is open your heart.
For where in our hearts, we yearn to seek and achieve,
With toil and patience, it is delivered,
And destiny, destiny still blooms in all of us,
In eternity is where we shall reside.
I believe in miracles, they happen everyday.

Author — Shawn Ocallahan


Guys in blue toilet! "Well....dont need to flush"

Author — Dosser Bosser


Imagine what would have happened without these walls!!

Author — Viktor K.


Oh that would be so scary to be there. I hope everybody is okay.

Author — Valerie Jean


Kinda looks like someone standing on that wall for a second!

Author — maattttt07


this is so scary i would never want this to happen to me just the look of it is terrifying i would hate to have to go through that and they are all standing thre so camly

Author — layla may


the way it just picks up that small shipping container??!

Author — lazenby. tim


My apologies also for not saying anything earlier, sometimes I get so caught up in my own life issues that I forget to ask how everyone is doing, which I hope you are all doing well. Have a great weekend and a great week ahead, to all that read this.😊❣️❣️

Author — Baffled An'Deranged


So scary just looking at this.it could be anyone's hometown going thru this...

Author — Camry Rusqoli


This first storm of th e winter will stay in memories in southeast France, Piedmont and Liguria...

Author — Météo 39


beautifully ocean wave in the storm weather this fall season

Author — bestamerica


Neptun seems angry...
I dont want to imagine how it would look without these walls.

Author — Fjeldfross


De novo temporal meu Deus do céu é muita bença do céu. Só é ruim Deus me perdoe que vem vento forte. e vem muita água.

Author — Marcia Isaias


That was probably a storm surge, like we have in the U.S. during hurricanes.

Author — Sarah


Gonna have to build that wall a bit higher

Author — JRPRNYC


We're gonna' need a bigger wall (boat).

Author — Child of the Creator God


Amazing clip. The water just sloshed in for a while and stopped.

Author — dixgun


Спасибо за это время и видео, Благодарю!!!

Author — Владимир. Жильев.


Love nature but the damage and destruction it causes along it's path is what I dislike 😢

Author — Lady Nelly Toluwani