Greatest Sports Moments - M83 Outro (HD)

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Best Of / Compilation of SOME of greats moments in the history of Sports.
Music : M83 - Outro

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Hi everyone, as many said, there are a lot of greats moments and sports missing (cricket, motorcycle, badminton, MMA, waterpolo, not enough tennis ....), there is maybe too much France in it and not enough women.
I just wanted to make a video that describes my admiration to all athletes and the motivation they gave me.
Thank you all for you comments :)

Author — LeBreton


let’s be real, this isn’t the first time you’ve watched this

Author — A MB


Even if people are saying this video didn't have enough sports or women, etc, the editing and music were amazing, well done!

Author — Vahan Rickards


In this 13 minute video are the stories of each individual athlete and their profound coaches, tens of rivals, hundreds of competitions, thousands of hours, and millions of dedication, pain and perseverance from a young age. The result of waking up earlier and sleeping after everyone else, missing on social events for practice, failing yet refusing to give in. Each individual has had a spectacular journey, all summed up in 13 minutes. This was truly, one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Author — Panadaol


Change the title to: events where men cried.

Author — PewPew Yepthomi


M83 - Outro. A song that is reserved for only the best, most emotional and powerful compilations. This is a 10/10 I cried with joy all the way through

Author — Heleve Joergon


Shoutout to the person that got that photo at 8:36

Great timing.

Author — Equalize Me


How convenient of this too get recommended to me the day Kobe Bryant dies


Author — Tyler Stephen


2:30 can we just appreciate there are people dumb enough to stand where a 100kmh+ car lands

Author — Rusty Nugget


1:15 That french 4 x 400m gives me chills!

Author — GRAVISPORTS Marble Runs


If this does not make you love sports then I do not no what will

Author — Shrek Wazouski


Sport is not "just a game".
It's a competetive art and unity.

Author — xschu


4:12 my ankle broke in 13 different places just from watching that, that looks insane, didn't know skiing goes THAT hard lmao

Author — april00026000


These athletes spent their entire lives to make these beautiful moments, as im sitting on my bed eating Chinese food watching 🙃😂

Author — Captain Ali


“Last night I had a dream. When I got to Africa, I had one hell of a rumble. I had to beat Tarzan’s behind first, for claiming to be King of the Jungle.”

— Muhammad Ali



Author — Oky Blc


Guys please, these are 13 minutes of pure happiness. So many sports are represented and people are still commenting "not enough women" "not enough of that sport"
Chill the hell out, the guy just made an awesome video
Thanks bro !

Author — SNSM SNSP


2:15. I lived about a 15 minute walk from that arena at the time. My birthday was coming up when my older brother, who lives in another city, calls me to say that he's coming over and that he's got 2 tickets for the game that evening. I had never been to a national soccer game. A few hours later I'm watching Zlatan, our favorite player, score 4 goals against England. The last goal was this crazy bicycle kick. Walking home I was thinking "wtf did I just watch!?". Great memory!

Author — Per Carlén


One of the most beautiful video I've seen in years. This is why we love sports.

Author — Hugo Pothieux


1:16 remembers me why commentators are so great, did not understand a thing they said but I was hyped beyond belief.

Author — Stefinator


Seeing all those great moments during these difficult times gives me hope and more desire than ever to came back! Thank you!

Author — Octavio Guerrero