'It Will Be The End Of Energy Companies' | The FORBIDDEN Technology of Nikola Tesla

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We highly recommend to watch Dr. Steven's Netflix documentary "UNACKNOWLEDGED"

Author — Be Inspired


It deeply depresses me that we live in a world that could be 1, 000 times better, but greed and selfishness keep us from that! Even sadder, we all come from the same family, the human race and yet we treat each other as our enemies.

Author — Jonas Beach


I’m going to fix this, I swear to God and the people who is suffering poverty all around the world. I don’t know if it’s possible but I’ll try. Wish me luck

Author — yurdsy


The biggest let down is growing up and realizing every single hero, thing you’ve been told, news you have watched, and everything about our government is a lie. It’s a very disappointing reality...

Author — big cat


Reporter : " what do u feel being the most genius person of all time ?"
Einsteim : " i don't know, u have to ask nikola tesla"

Author — Gita Dewa 7 Gaming


So Basically: The Stakeholders are Holding Back Progress. And at the same Time Polluting the Entire World. As They Jet Set to their Fake Seminars and keep everyone Else In Poverty. And we Have Governments sitting Back allowing this to Continue. But Antarctica is out of Bounds. Unless under Convenient. Free to do as they Please in Antarctica.

Author — William Gibson


"It is easier to fool society than convince them they are being fooled!" Mark Twain

Author — Ljiljana JV


I believe Nikola Tesla was by far the smartest man to have ever live.

Author — Love To Be Here


They drove Tesla mad, discredited him when he should have been cherished and supported!! His like will probably never be seen again😢 That’s what happens when one man stands stand together!!!

Author — Devils Fan


"It will be the end of energy companies"
Then end it for God's sake

Author — Sarah C


Who ever attempts to develop a zero energy field technology will die mysteriously.

Author — Monty L


“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

- Napoleon Bonaparte

Author — Evan Poole


I came to believe that ancient civilisations had more sophisticated technology than what we have now.

Author — Abdalle Jama


The world is controlled by those small stakeholders, they decide everything including politics, wars all for their greed, they are invisible yet powerful.

Author — Harsh Chaturvedi


Im tiered of talking about the truth.. it’s time to be the truth.. everyone wants to talk about the problem.... but no one get the balls to be the when humans decides to stop taking shit from the elites and stand together .. hit me up 🤙

Author — Kingdom Of truth


I’ve known for years we have free energy sources that are being suppressed and the masses are being controlled/manipulated by a tiny group of evil beings. It’s sad, I hope the people awaken soon

Author — tiff hansen


"The hand that gives is above the hand that takes, money has no fatherland, financiers are without patriotism and decency, their sole object is gain" NB

Author — John Ellis


An acquaintance medically and scientifically proved that Vitamin C kills cancer and the paper was squelched by the AMA because it works, it’s cheap and readily available .

Author — KaZ


I've been talking about Dr. Greer lately. Good to see he's still fighting the good fight.

Author — Shadow Boxer


I remember my dad telling me this in the 1970s

Author — Martin Ford