Madam Geeta Rani (Raatchasi) 2020 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Jyothika, Hareesh Peradi

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The film is about a headmaster converting a poorly run school into one of the best in the state.

Movie:- Madam Geeta Rani (Raatchasi)
Starcast:- Jyothika, Hareesh Peradi, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Sathyan, Nagineedu, Aruldoss
Directed by:- Sy Gowthamraj
Produced by:- Manish Shah
Music by:- Sean Roldan

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💬 Comments on the video

भारतीय संस्कृति केवल south movie मे ही रह गई है अगर आप सहमत है तो Like करे.

Author — James Tamang


Even the villainous role is very decent, human oriented.
Not like scrapped bollywood villain, who neither have morale value nor human value.

Author — Jugal Agarwal


The Most Important message is Given in this Movie....For those lazy teachers💥

Author — Wait And Watch


Best Head-Mistress..
May in real life, all teachers will take care for govt. Schools.
After primary(primary in a small school where also fees below 50/-), i studied in a govt. Aided school(fee 6-10 just 20 ruppes, in secondry a little more) with a minimal fees.
Now, working as Govt. Engineer in Power transmission..💪

But as the Iron lady in movie said, We need to raise voice..🧐👊👊



काश हर indain government school ऐसा होता

Author — UK_11 bisht_jii


बेहतरीन फिल्म, भारतीय शिक्षा तंत्र को ठीक करने के लिए इस फिल्म को बड़े पर्दे और विद्यालयों में दिखाना चाहिए। और पूरे देश में इस फिल्म को टैक्स फ्री करना चाहिए।



After seeing this movie 3 idiots and Taare Zameen Par lookalike puny.
It's a must watch and should deserve a national award and ta free in all the states
Must be shown to all the students and teachers 🇮🇳🙏

Author — Hindu Satsang Sense


South movies has solid content but Bollywood movie has no sense.

Author — Pawan Sharma


क्या बात है . ....गज़ब ...ऐसी फिल्मे ही हमारे देश को तरक्की की राह पर ले जा सकती है a million of all team of Madam Geeta 👏👏👏👏

Author — nariender rajput


I hope this movie she all indian teacher and I hope india is the world's no 1 country I ❤️ my india love you my mam Geeta Rani

Author — master.gamer_ yt


बहुत अच्छी मोटिवेशनल मूवी है, प्रत्येक शिक्षक को देखना चाहिए - यदि सहमत है तो लाइक करे!

Author — Vishnu Malviya


में क्या कॉमेंट करू इस मूवी पर जिंदेगी में जितनी मूवी देखी सबसे अलग। I love 💞 this movie mind blowing 👍👍👍👍

Author — KHAIRUL Basar


I hope all the parents irrespective watching this movie will surely admit theirs children to a govt school and provide all possible helps to govt school so that it shines . Such commitment is highly needed and appreciated.i have already admitted my ward to to everyone.

Author — Akter Hossein


All principals of India would be like her.

Author — prankrishna pandit


जब मैं फिल्म देख रहा था ऐसा लग रहा था की
ये फिल्म खत्म ना हो.
इस फिल्म का दूसरा पार्ट जल्द ही देखना चाहूंगा.

Author — Sachin jadhav


Very inspirational movie, definitely this movie should get award.

Author — gajanan sidurkar


First Superstar Lady Jyothika Mam To Cross 100 Millions Views With 1.2M Likes &
2nd Is Nayantara Mam✌🏻🔥
So Huge Waiting For Imaikkaa Nodigal In Hindi Version

Author — The Manish


South Indian Movies are so much great and present the main issues of Indian System And society in the most accurate and precise way .... Thanks to all team for a wonderful movie 🙏 Bollywood has no comparison with you.

Author — Yogita Singh


What a grate movie. give this movie a national award.

Author — shubham gupta


So nice movie by Jyothika madam. She is really stunning.

Author — Krishna Hari Chaudhary