Searching for the ringleader behind Sri Lanka's attacks - BBC News

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Searching for the ringleader behind Sri Lanka's attacks - BBC News4
Police in Sri Lanka are still looking for Zahran Hashim, the alleged ringleader of a group of suicide bombers who attacked churches and hotels on Easter Sunday, killing more than 350 people. It's still not clear if Mr Hashim, a member of a hardline Islamist group, is alive or dead. BBC correspondent Yogita Limaye travelled to his home town, more than 200km east of Colombo. She reports from Kattakundy for the BBC News at Ten.

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Did they search inside the BBC's London office ??

Author — Bloom Berg


One will act, another will deny, third will seek sympathy for killers..
BBC, al jazeera are the third kind..

Author — raj k


Why is BBC glorifying cowards?
How is it master minded attack? Or EVIL minded attack?

Author — Talluri s.prabhakar


hey editor. you had one job with sound and you screwed up.

Author — holdmybeer


According to reports on Sunday Zahran Hashim blew himself up at the Shangri La hotel. On another note YouTube hosted Zahran Hashim hate videos. Google has to explain why it promoted hate.

Author — fredo1070


Winston Churchill: "Is**m is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a Dog.." Other Religions teaches tolerance, Is**m simply does not

Ashin Wirathu (Burmese Monk), "You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad Dog.." referring to Musl*m. "If we are weak, " he said, "our land will be conquered"

wherever they are in this world, they always give the same behaviour.. when they 10% in the community, they are trying to be nice & sometimes playing victims to gain sympathy.. when 30% they are aggressive & set their own rules.. when >60% they will wage war against any infidel, and if there is no contender from infidel they will fight each others..

Is**m is the only religion who self proclaiming as "Religion of Peace" and they always denying their violence act but the truth speaks for itself (Koran & Hadits easily use as terrorism / war ideology against Other Religions).. once you in Is**m there's no way out because of death sentence & you're not the part of the family anymore if you become murtadin.. this religion has no difference with the death cult.. only the brave one who can left Is**m & it's not racist in a purpose to protect your country from Is**m invasion.. you believe in multiculturalism & tolerance, but Is**m simply does not

Author — Sabaru Engineering


The guy in the thumbnail blew himself up.. why they looking for him 🤦🏽‍♂️

Author — IamTheDopeboi


How terrible!!! Only 5%muslin here, if they 10 or more, i think they will kill all non muslim of srilanka.

Author — ashis barua


Each Muslim is a zahran hachim
The town and the religious guy mouhamad zoubeir is practicing takiya
Wake up please

Author — Jihad


I’m confused the BBC keeps telling me “Islam is the religion of peace “

Author — seano8484NPC2222


*For a sister who can't believe what his brother has done 6 DAYS AGO, she is pretty happy and calm and not shaking*

Author — N33D 4 5LEEP


At first, I used to believe that all relgions teach humanity, but my views changed when I went through Quran.. Here are a few evil verses and their meanings.
2:98 Allah is an enemy to the non-muslims or infidels.
3:85 Except Islam, no other religion is accepted..
8:12 Allah will cast terror into the hearts of those who don't accept Islam and Muslims should strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.
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22:30 The idols of infidels gods are filthy. Now, that includes Jesus, Buddha, and so on.
 9:5 After the sacred month of Ramadan, kill non-muslims and disbelievers wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush.
33:61 Accursed wherever you (Muslims) find non-muslims(infidels, idol worshippers, ) are found. Massacre them badly and completely.
3:62, 2:255, 27:61 and 35:3 - Except Allah, no other gods and deities are worshippable.
 21:98 - Non-Muslims who worship other gods are the firewood of hell..
9:28 - The polytheists and idol worshippers are unclean..
4:101 The non-muslims are your clear enemy.
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 66:9 Jihad against and fight with the non-muslims and be harsh with them..
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9:14 Fight against non-muslims; Allah will punish non-muslims by Muslims' hands and will disgrace them and give Muslims victory over them and satisfy Muslims.
 8:57 Dominate and be atrocious to the war prisoners.
32:22 - Avenge and destroy those who leave Islam..
Those who don't believe are free to google. These verses meant the same as I shared here.. I've concluded that all religions can peacefully co-exist but not Islam.. The whole world needs to learn from China on how to handle Islam. They don't face Jehadi bombings.. The world needs to get rid of political correctness and take stringent actions against Islam..Banning it is the only and best solution to stop Islamic terrorism.

Author — Glory Infinity


Im surprised the BBC are bothered . They are more interested in the single LGBT death in Northern Ireland. If a male white hetro journalist were killed by new IRA, it would get 1/10th of coverage by BBC

Author — James C


After every Bomb explosions, their community people will act like very innocent, blame the culprits, act as if they sympathise with the killed, but they will never stop killing.

Author — Indian First


I find it odd how the media is able to find all these clips of ISIS ringleaders yet none of the public can?



the real reason? Isn't it obvious by now, BBC?



I want to believe it but BBC is fake news,
God bless Tommy Robinson.

Author — Stormshell Entertainment


Should be fed to pigs "Alive"

Author — M Skallywagg


Please do not erase this atrocity from your churches

Please do preserve the holes in the walls and the blood splatter of the victims
as a reminder that, as long as the death cult still exists, there will be another suicide attack, it not a matter of if, but
it just a matter of when and where.

History are not meant to be recorded and to be forget

History are meant to be recorded
And to LEARN FROM, and

Let it happen again to anyone especially to your children

Because it has been said that


Author — Tim May


What's going on in "Londonistan" BBC?

Author — Suresh Kumar