Gutfeld on the Hanoi talks

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How do you know when the media are rooting for failure? When they spend days saying Trump will give away the farm, then whine when he doesn't.

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Juan is still here? Not gonna stay to see another discussion get tanked halfway. Time to bring in Dan Bongino for good.

Author — J H


President Trump could save the World, and he still wouldn't get the credit he deserves.

Author — Hairy John


Juan and the media elites want to trust the people who have failed for decades and have achieved NO. Trump does what no one else has dreamed.

Author — lgnfve


In my successful career. 99.9% of the time I walked away. I got a better deal in the end every time I walked. We also have a great relationships today on the deals I initially passed on!!! It’s when you realize you are a leader .... you can say NO for the best possible outcome for your interest rather than being the liked and disrespected YES person.

Author — Lauren Brown


China puppet Kim (as usual) DEMANDED *sanction relief NOW* in exchange for smiles, promises and MOU's...P. Trump said: "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Excellent move Mr. President! Walk away!

Author — Brian Crane


Juan is insulted so President Trump should do nothing? Come On Juan!

Author — Theta Kongpancake


Juan, Juan, really have no clue about negotiations...US just won this round....Sanctions will be bringing NK to it's knees with nothing but a failed missile system...

Author — Professor Michael Guldenstein


They are not going to be happy no matter what.

Author — Paullus Armstrong


kick Juan to the curb and hire Lara Logan 😉

Author — Ryan


Why would you take Kim at his word over Otto Warmbier? Because the alternative is no negotiation, no movement towards denuclearization, no peace on the Korean peninsula.

In order to hold Kim "accountable" for Otto Warmbier one has to punish North Korea. Certainly there is a case for punishment, but the consequence of punishment is nothing else moves forward.

So, Kim says he didn't know about Otto Warmbier and Trump chooses to accept that, for the simple reason that moving Korea towards peace is the best way to prevent future Otto Warmbiers. Negotiations are for the living, not the dead.

Author — Peter Nayland Kust


Great choice at this time. KJU came all the way from NK for 60 hrs and goes back with nothing which will damage his political status. no saction relief. more NK people will be aware of how Kim family has cheated them for 7 decades doing nothing while millions were dead for food shortage.

Author — Brian Yoon


the intelligence agencies that sat on their hands while mueller runs



Lost in Vietnam because of politician sticking there nose in a war action call it a police action and holding back the military form doing their job. And you want to let them run your Healthcare now government runs everything right into the dirt.

Author — Michael Smith


He can cure cancer and he would be called out on putting oncologists out of business

Author — MrDuds1984


When you going to kick juan out, he’s don’t belong there

Author — Paul Sparrow


This “walking away” just highlights to the rest of the world how resolute President Trump is in achieving goals.. buckle up China and the European Union

Author — Dorian Shades of gray


Two words: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Author — Pretty Prudent


Wrong Williams needs a looong vacation.

Author — JP O


Next time bring Rodman for some basketball, booze & hot chicks & it will probably work out!

Author — Paul Deland


If you had listened to Trump he ended NK's nuclear program last year, and now this.
What's with his bizarre acceptance of Kim's denial about Warmbier?

Author — mcdonalds in bed