A Travel Guide to Istanbul in the Sixties: The Mystery City of Mosques (1967) | British Pathé

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This segment of Pathé Pictorial gives a snapshot of what the beautiful city of Instanbul, Turkey looked like in the nineteen-sixties. It takes the time to highlight popular tourist locations from the many mosques to traveling around the Bosporus river.

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Beautiful pictures from Istanbul, Turkey. Visitable places and tourist locations are shown.

Istanbul, Turkey.

Aerial views of the city; a Sabena aircraft in flight. Several shots of Santa Sophia Mosque; the Golden Horn and Galata Bridge; men board boats that chug out into the harbour; people walk over the bridge, porters carry sacks and palates. On a moored boat a man feeds fish to a pelican. A man on the quayside displays fish around the rim of a bucket. Fish is grilled on a fish stall boat; a young man bites into a fish roll.

A man in the street sells bread rings; a man in a suit has his shoes shined. Aerial view of the city, taken from a helicopter. Several shots of ferries on the Bosporus Sea; views from the boats show mosques and houses beside the river. More aerial views of the city show the old and new architecture. From a boat on the Bosporus we see the Dolmabache Palace.

Aerial view from a helicopter of the ancient wall built around Byzantium (later Constantinople); more shots from a boat travelling along the Bosporus. Numerous fishing boats are moored; on the quayside a man carries live fish on a rope that wriggle before the camera. Nice brief C/U of an old man smoking a cigarette in a holder. At a fish stall a boy brings coffee for the vendor. On a moored boat a man barbecues some fish over an old tin. Other men mend their boats and fishing nets.

Several shots of the castle built by Mohammed the Conqueror; a young couple climb up the hill to the main tower. Shots from a boat of another castle and houses on the Asiatic side of the sea; more fishing boats seen in this tranquil village. At another point on the Bosporus we see modern hotels beside the water.

A man sits at a waterside cafe and smokes from a hubble-bubble pipe; various shots of the Blue Mosque exterior and the stained-glass windows inside.

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Why this is recommended for me in 2020 after hagia Sofia become a mosque once again

Author — oussama X_19


"Women hidden away behind veils"...shows women in Western clothing in the next scene. Idiots.

Author — thirdworldhipster


İstanbul o zamanlar daha modern insanlarla doluymuş. Taksim parkı adam gibi parkmış. Çeşit çeşit balıklar tam doyumluk balık ekmek, hele ki pelikan inanılmazmış.

Author — aydın ünlü


adamların o yıllarda o imkanlarla çektikleri  videoya bak  şimdi milletin elinde 41 megapixellik fotoğraf makineleri/cep telefonları var gidip boklu, makyajlı suratlarını çekiyorlar sümüklü çocuk resimleri çekiyorlar, sağolasın British Pathe

Author — TechnoDrome


bana mı öyle geliyor yoksa 60'larda İstanbul yemyeşil miydi? 

Author — Sosa


“Women are mostly veiled or hidden away” *pans to next shot* literally a woman in hijab and non hijab young woman just strolling by

Author — Atom Dabomb


nerde şimdi o lüferler,
 nereye gitmiş iyi insanlar.
 o istanbul nerede şimdi...

Author — drskoksal


In 60-70s, Istanbul was a very beautiful city. But after 2000s tall buildings impaired the silhouette of the city. So sad.

Author — bahati


Pelikan varmış vay be, şimdi değil pelikan balık yok.

Author — Frei Maynard


This city still being a beatiful city actually!!! it's one of the most beatiful cities...

Author — Armando López


Eskiden daha modernmiş... Keşke o yıllarda yaşasaymışım.

Author — Abdullah Atıcı


insanlar gerçekten fakir ve ama mutluymuş.

Author — Tayfun Aydoğmuş


01:54'teki bozuk parayı yağın içine düşüren amcayı arıyoruz

Author — Çağdaş Köse


İstanbul trafiğinin olmadığı zamanlar.

Author — Onur


adamlar tarih için kendileri İstanbul'u çekiyor bizimkilerde çektiği zaman kendi belediyelikleri kendi işletmelerini çekerler ancak. nasıl milletiz yada nasıl bu hale geldik arkadaş_?

Author — The Only Truth One Way


Went there few times in early 80's and fell in love with the city as I got out of the taxi, one of the beautiful city in the world and no comparison with shopping areas like Teksim and istaqlaal.

Author — Ghazal Khazana


vay be taşı toprağı altın diye boşuna demiyolarmış

Author — Quake Star


I finally understand the appeal of a time machine.

Author — B007


i absolute love this footage from 1967 very interesting :D the instrumental music is out of this world :D 

Author — Groovy Historian


bu videodaki çoğu kişinin ölmüş olmasıda bir anektot

Author — Lartin Muether King