2021 Hyundai Elantra | Detailed Review | Technologies, Specs, Design

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Introducing the all-new 2021 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

The 2021 Elantra showcases a ‘Parametric Dynamics’ design theme that accentuates its progressive and exotic character. Cutting edge engineering solutions and design innovations actualize the polyhedral appearance.

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💬 Comments on the video

This is definitely beautiful but the one thing I appreciated about the fifth generation design was its longevity. If they keep this design for three years or longer then I may splurge but I’d be upset if I purchased it just to see another complete redesign in 2023.

Author — MCKornbred


When i see the interior of the car really suddenly i say awesome.
Really great work doing by hyundai elantra i just love it 😍

Author — Prateek Bhardwaj


Hyundai/Kia needs more respect. They now make way better car than before.

Author — Chris Yim


I respect Hyundai and Kia for taking their cars upmarket despite the jokes.

I've leased a Azera and a Genesis for my g/f and they were standup cars for the time we had them.



Dynamic design, advanced technology, best safety and reliability

Author — Ian Jung


Ive always had a habit of losing phones now i know im gonna lose my car too if i trust tech

Author — Euri Brenda


Very impressive, I’ll buy one next year

Author — 山豆几


I saw the thumbnail and thought its a new Skoda superb :D

Author — Motors&Me


I've wanted a 6th gen so much since they first came out! Hopefully the price will come down in 2021 and I can finally get one :-)

Author — André Snider


You may want to check/correct the car's height at 7:06 - you said it's 4650 mm high (which is actually its length).

Author — mihai tel


cok güzel gorunum ve teknık ozelikere sahıp

Author — ömer faruk


The 5th generation remains the best looking one!

Author — Jo Kensy


I like it, would look even better in grey metallic or dark blue colour

Author — Rado Tej


Love it.
What Wharp speeds does it do?

Author — Sean Tran


Yes lets ignore the 2019 atrocious design lmao

Author — Nowayy Lorenzxo


I have a 2013 model and I love the interior. The dash board here is rather ugly; flat like some late 70s Ford or something.

Author — The Can80an


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