InI ~ Center of Attention {FULL ALBUM HQ}

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Recorded: 1995
Released: Shelved (Never Officially Released)

1. Intro 0:00
2. No More Words 0:13
3. Step Up 4:11
4. Think Twice 8:56
5. Square One 12:25
6. The Life I Live 16:45
7. KrossRoads 21:17
8. To Each His Own 25:52
9. Fakin Jax' 31:13
10. What You Say 36:57
11. Props 41:18
12. Center Of Attention 45:23
13. Grown Man Sport 50:06
14. Mind Over Matter 54:42
15. Don't You Love It 59:07
16. Microphone Wanderlust 1:03:29

Tracks 1-2 & 4-14 Produced by Pete Rock
Tracks 3 & 16 Produced by Grap Luva
Track 15 Produced by Spunk Bigga

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πŸ’¬ Comments on the video

Fun fact. The album cover is the childhood picture of Haile Selassie ( former Ethiopian emperor) aka Ras tafari, a name which Jamaican Rastafarians adopted.Β 

Author β€” saucy05


Still sounds fresh 25 years later... True hip-hop never dies...

Author β€” Vel Kyria


Pete Rock's Beats off this album are GOLD!

Author β€” Whirlwind Studios


1. Intro 0:00
2. No More Words 0:12
3. Step Up 4:13
4. Think Twice 8:55
5. Square One 12:16
6. The Life I Live 16:44
7. KrossRoads 21:15
8. To Each His Own 25:52
9. Fakin Jax' 31:16
10. What You Say 36:58
11. Props 41:23
12. Center Of Attention 45:29
13. Grown Man Sport 50:12
14. Mind Over Matter 54:49
15. Don't You Love It 59:13
16. Microphone Wanderlust 1:03:37

Author β€” BS- Calrissian


How did I just now discover this gem!? I never heard anyone talk about it, I have never seen it mentioned in a "best album list".

Author β€” Layne


Greatest hip-hop album of all time. imo.

Author β€” JimmyJam


I've come to the conclusion that any 90s album with a kid on it fire as hell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯ (ready to die. Illmatic, center of attention)

Author β€” Young Intellect


20 years later still more fresh than anything in the last 10.

Author β€” Sam Clark


random click .. won 16 awesome groove tracks. Nice.

Author β€” Bhavandeep Singh


I can't believe this Album was shelved, damn labels. I would have been really interesting if InI dropped more albums.

Author β€” A Solitary Soul


this is the greatest, cook breakfast in the morning music.
just let it play in the background

Author β€” Karl Sylvain


Probably nobody's going to read this, but this might be my favorite hip hop album of all time, and I discovered it here yesterday.

Author β€” josh deal


As far as i know, this is one of the best Hip Hop albums out there.

Author β€” bl0xbeats


Listen to this masterpiece and then realize that hip hop has died...

Author β€” Uriel Martinez


One of the most underrated hip hop albums of all time

Author β€” Don Killa


love this album def top 10 for me, i always come back to it

Author β€” MobbVillain


You wanna hear some real lyrical skills from 95? Peep Rob O's verse in "Center Of Attention". BANANAS!! These cats were on some Next Level Shit. Grap's verse was even CRAZIER!! Droppin' Gems of Truth. The reason it was shelved, is because Elektra was SCARED!!! They didn't want to be looked at as the label who was promoting and pushin' "Conscious Hip Hop" at a time when Bad Boy & Death Row had the charts on fire, each with their "respective sounds" in Hip Hop at the time.

Author β€” UrbanSoul Music Group


This Album is TIGHT!!! I wonder why I never heard of it??

Author β€” Eugene Batiste


this is the most amazing hip hop album I've ever heard.

Author β€” waterhands20


amo cuando estoy navegando por youtube y me encuentro con estas joyitas

Author β€” Las Pistas de Blu