What you need to know about ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN and the ILLUMINATI

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What you need to know about ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN and the ILLUMINATI4.5
Here I discuss Astana...the new capital of Kazakhstan... This is a a fascinating place indeed. We will look inside the structures of this city. The Pyramid of peace, the presidential palace of Astana. The Khan Shatyr Entertainmentn Center. The Bayterek Tower and the symbolism behind this architecture. Look at what Kazakhstan has branded on their land.

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The original birthplace of the Ashkenazi JEWS. Seems like some antichrist wants to set up his seat of power there. Say from the synagogue of Satan!

Author — Flaming Warrior



Author — Dave W


David Cameron got his plum job in Astana after he left office of Prime Minister of the UK. He couldn't bare the idea of the UK leaving the EU and so he took off, leaving it all in the hands of the next puppet, Theresa May.
All the world leaders are puppets and belong to secret organisations. None of them can be trusted to represent the ordinary working people.

Author — Joneseskid


Ancient aliens season 1 episode 15 talks about Kazakhstan.

Author — renita hill


This country uses electric energy from the ether...

Author — white tiger


Astana is also home of one of Eurasia's biggest a cohen-cidence

Author — Donato Iacovino


ASTANA=SATANA if you switch A place with S

Author — Frikin Ninja


I have heard that this city is to be the future headquarters of the United Nations once Washington D.C. and New York are destroyed. You are seeing the birth of the future capital of "The World Federation."

Author — Supkev


There is something VERY MUCH OLDER than present day `politics` at work here. Buzzy Gordon of the Jerusalem Post has written a piece in `Kazinform`, a Kazakhstan international news outlet, about Israel`s involvement with this country. He writes that diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan have been in place with the country almost from the start of its` independence from Russia and goes on to inform us that these relations have been ``nurtured carefully over the years``. Money is the main interest, and Israel is playing its` part in ensuring that Kazakhstan becomes the main financial hub for the whole of Eurasia. Makes complete sense if Astana is to become the bolt-hole of choice for the Illuminati when the rest of the world starts to tear itself apart.

Author — maranathapaul


Nothing oppress more people like fake democracy in the USA. Fake news, food, medicine, media and USA is a colony of Israel.

Author — MegaNoster


Kazakhstan ... It is where Apples originated from ...

Author — Aydin Nasilsin


Sacred geometry was also used to plan D.C.

Author — K. Day


prophet saw said that the followers of dajjal will be preparing for him and he is gonna appear from the east so thats what kazakhistan is doing which is bad and anti islamic



Kazakh-a-stan? It's Kazakhstan. 3 syllable word, not 4.

Author — Ray R


This makes me want to visit Astana, it looks awesome.

Author — SickLid


Fascinating video!😃👍
The photography is excellent, and displays sites that appear out of this world!

Author — Joy Thompson


Thank you for this video, it was very illuminating! I am from Europe but now reside in the US, and a few years ago I saw TV commercials inviting ppl to invest in Kazakhstan. I was very surprised b/c it used to belong to the Soviet Union and I traveled through the former Soviet Union 30+ years ago and saw nothing but poverty. But obviously things have been changing in that part of the world! Yes, you are correct, Astana is full of the NWO and Kabbalah symbols! If I would guess, I would say this is definitely the future headquarter of the NWO!

Judging from this world map showing the world after the anticipated global flooding
(type 700 ft in the box in upper left hand side of page), a lot of land world wide will be under water, forever gone: the coasts of US, Caribbean, much of South America, a lot of western Europe incl the whole Great Britain, half of Scandinavia, all of the European part of Russia, 75% of Australia and many islands around the globe. The question is: where the future Financial Center of London will reside, and the world Trade Center of New York and the Religious Center of Vatican (after Vesuvius erupts and destroys the life in Italy)? How about Astana?!!!

We all know about the upcoming Hollywood attraction "Project Blue Beam fake Alien invasion" which will usher in the ideology of only One God and only One world religion, uniting humanity. No more terrorists. The guy in Astana is obviously only a NWO puppet, he may stay in power b/c somebody simply has to be that figure, while the London financiers and New York tradesmen and the Vatican religious authority all lead their own lives in the same physical space in Astana, unbothered by Islam which no longer exists. Haha, too funny. (I am not religious.)

It is now June 2018. I have been pondering the meaning of the obviously staged British royal wedding a few weeks ago between the half black/biracial American Meghan and British Prince Harry. She is dubbed the Peoples Princess 2.0 (the original Peoples Princess was of course Princess Diana, Prince Harry's mom who was killed in a car "accident" in a Paris tunnel a few decades ago). I imagine Meghan will go on a humanitarian tour in Africa under the pretense of wanting to help the poor Africans, with 58 million Britons in tow (after their whole country has been swallowed by the future global flooding and they have all been displaced). But then again since when did the world powers care about the survival of us the people..?? So maybe Britons will not be moving to Africa, maybe they will all drown in England. So why the arranged British wedding, what's the plan? First I thought the London financial center, the New York world trade center and the Vatican religious center will all be relocating to Africa but after seeing your video it is obvious to me they will be manipulating the world from their new residence in Astana where everything is already nicely arranged, resembling a modern western life, not barefoot Africans carrying water in buckets on their heads along dusty roads. But maybe Africa will be the new agriculture production continent b/c after the pole shift, which is in progress now, Africa will still be warm b/c the new Equator line will still go through Africa, only now as a vertical line. The new North Pole will be in present day Brazil, freezing cold, nothing will grow there. Western Europe will be submerged in water, gone, no agriculture production there. The US has several volcanoes which if/when they erupt and block the sun light for a long time will kill outdoor agriculture (no photosynthesis w/o sun light). Presently Europe and US are the producers of world's surplus of agriculture products. Africa may need to fill that role in the future, with implementation of western technology and knowledge, and maybe that is Meghan's role, to be the friendly face of the new/changed industrial world towards Africa? Remember, ppl are always "nice" when they want something from you! Oh you new world, what promises do you hold? lol

Author — yvonneforsmanatyahoo


This is actually quite ASTANA-shing...

Author — SophiYah Yisrael


Man is WoodWard TV fantastic or what? Gosh I enjoy your work Patriot! WWG1WGA

Author — Chris Kunis


No shit man! I never knew any of this. Enlightened again. Thank you.

Author — Bert Trim