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C. J. Chivers reports from Marja, Afghanistan, where Marines face stiff resistance from Taliban fighters, including a rarity, a trained marksman.


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💬 Comments on the video

All other soldiers: **Taking cover behind walls and in trenches**

The camera man: /gamemode creative

Author — Spooder


Just want to take a moment to appreciate the fact that these filmers film better than fights at school.

Author — Indecisive


the narrator sounds like he had just lost everyone in his family

Author — Fake


"The Inches That Matter" thats what my ex girlfriend said to me after she left.

Author — DryChicken


TERRORist117:Hitmarker? I'm done with this game

*TERRORist117 has left the game*

Author — Bruh what's that


“This rifle was made in 1942, in the right hands, it’s still deadly”.... cuts to a marine spraying an LMG 😂

Author — Matthew L


Besides all jokes, can we get an F in a chats for Civilians who were killed, War is never good, every time there is war the civilians get killed which is sad

Author — Jam


Inches that matter? I don't like were this is going.

Author — nuke acola


Soldier: *shoots a smoke to mark where a missile needs to hit*

Missile: Yeah I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t see that

Author — Tambles Jambles


Isn’t surprising to see them actually having a great conversation and a good sense of humor during a war zone

Author — BigBikeDhainz


3:23 dudes running like a penguin lmao but seriously salute to these guys

Author — Ligma Stuff


Jesus, they bombed a group of civilians by accident.

Author — Jheii Jordan


Never underestimate your enemies no matter how silly they are.

Author — chunky milk


Narrator: “Inches matter”

Also narrator: Misses targeted building by 250 meters, hits 20 civilians

Author — Tres 6ix


It’s all fun and games until the other side is also accurate, then the real fighting begins. It’s scary to think that this tension and next level fight was the everyday of ww2 and wars between trained armies

Author — Breno Avelheda


Isn’t it sad, sad that we have the ability to do good, yet we cause so much distraction, we fight the wars of “leaders” who will never see the sight of a battlefield, the fear in civilian eyes, the cries and begging for it to stop. They will never feel the emptiness of a love one gone. We fight the wars of men who could care less about humans but rather give importance to the fact of winning a “war”. In war no one wins, we all lose.

Author — TimberW0lf


Americans: head down, take cover
Terrorists:Abu hajaar what are you doing?!?!?!?!

Author — Potato That Escaped Chernobyl


"That was a really good smoke man!"

*ATGM hits random target 250 meters off*

Author — Kaleb Johnson


Legends say abu hajjar is still rollin with his sniper.

Author — John John


“Heads up keep your heads down” confusing orders.

Author — The Great Skink Priest