11 Military Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

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Being a soldier often requires some real-life MacGyvering. But you don’t have to be in the military to benefit from tips like putting duct tape on your feet to prevent blisters or using cotton balls and Vaseline to get your campfire started. Here are 11 hacks from the men and women in uniform that’ll make your life a lot easier!

For instance, there’s a very particular hack when it comes to those super shiny soldier shoes. Take a generous amount of shoe shine, rub it on your leather shoes or boots, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then, go over the area with a lighter or flame, and get ready to see your own reflection! For a finishing touch, use a clean damp cloth to polish the surface. If you want to know about other tricks, watch the video!

Duct taping your feet 0:40
Ladder lacing for added ankle support 1:25
Maxi pads for first-aid 2:38
Putting sugar on wounds 3:17
Running tights for added warmth 3:52
Super shiny shoes 4:19
The military tuck 5:00
Cotton and Vaseline as a fire starter 5:42
Lose a tail when driving 6:18
Making a pristine bed 6:39
Peeing in the shower 7:34

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- Nowadays, soldiers use duct tape to prevent blisters and calluses caused by those notoriously uncomfortable military boots.
- If you still have a lot of lace left (although you shouldn’t with this laddering technique), just wrap it around your ankle and then tie it. Tuck the remaining laces inside your shoe.
- In case of an emergency, you can use sanitary pads to prevent a wound from bleeding out.
- Speaking of first-aid in a pinch, you can put sugar on a wound to prevent bacterial infection. Don’t worry because this unconventional medical treatment has scientific backing based on a study by the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine.
- Running or compression tights aren’t just for jogging or making a fashion statement. You can wear them under almost any pants without them being noticeable.
- Covering cotton balls in petroleum jelly and lighting them on fire, you get a strong but steady flame that keeps on burning. A great hack next time you go camping!
- If you ever feel like the driver in your rearview mirror is following you, all you gotta do is make 4 consecutive turns in a row. This is usually the best way to lose a tail!
- According to the medical community, it actually prevents and cures athlete’s foot! Urine has natural properties like uric acid and ammonia that help fight fungal infections.

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Who likes scrolling down to the comments while watching

Author — Byron Mj


ME: puts sugar on his wound
Doctor: you have type one diabetes

Author — ME PS3D


11.Duct taping your feet to prevent blisters
10.Ladder Lacing for ankle support
9.Maxi pads for first aid
8.Putting sugar in wounds
7.Running tights for added warmth
6.Shiny shoes with shoe shine and lighter
5.The military tuck
4.Cotton balls and Vaseline for fire starter
3.Lose someone that’s following you 4 consecutive turns in your car
2.Making a pristine bed
1.Urinating in the shower prevents athletes foot
Thank me l8r

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Dogs say woof.
Cats say meow.
Idiots say first.

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Make your bed first thing in the morning - gets the momentum on your side right away

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Here is a 5 step video on how to make a military bed with no picture or video showing you how to make a military bed!?!?

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I was in the Marines for 10 years. I did none of these things lol.

The tail one is good I guess

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I’ve been peeing in the shower before I even knew it had benefits.

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A lot of these arent military hacks at all.

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just graduated from a military school at age 16 with my GED's

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Use running tights for maximum ball sweat.

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duct tape was developed to seal air conditioning ductwork thus the name DUCT tape

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Dont forget, drill sgts love it when you talk back and look them in the eye

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George Castanza: "It's all PIPES!"

Author — Matthew P. Chapdelaine Productions


I've go one, use foamy shaving cream to cut through the carbon when you're cleaning your guns,

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I love how most of those were like dayly tips, or some for survival and then randomly "if you are being tailed while driving..."

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When i was 5 years old, I did it the peeing in shower, I still do it.

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For those who just wanna make sure what u saw on the thumbnail is really what u think.

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Thanks to this video I will start peeing on OTHER people's feet in the shower at my gym to help them resist athlete's foot. Black eye, here I come!

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