When will Turkey develop the bomb?

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This video inspects the possibility of Turkey developing the big bomb and build up its WMD arsenal. When might that happen? What route could Turkey take? And just what is needed for a country to achieve such a goal? Watch the video to learn more through various historical examples and exploration of the whole technological process.
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Russian RT-2UTTKh Topol M

Castle Romeo test
United States Department of Energy [Public domain]

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Turkey can easily get nucleer weapon from Pakistan. Ballistic missile technologies are more important.

Author — Jerry Starr


No one:
Absolutly no one:
Pakistan comment section: heeey, wanna have some fresh nukes my turkish brotheeer?

Author — SaviOr747


Turkey mean Pakistan, nuclear Pakistan means nuclear Turkey there is no difference

Author — Zeeshan Zarozai


Turkey has the nuclear option up its sleeve with Pakistan as its back garden.

Author — Mohammed Abid


Iran Have Ballastic Technology Pakistan already Have a Nukes Turkey Knows How To Make Nukes So The Need is Source Of The Product ? Then Rock On 🇮🇷🇹🇷🇵🇰

Author — Aslam Bhai


Turkey signed a dozen agreement with Ukraine about nuclear sphere, turkish students would be study nuclear energy in ukrainian universities and special research centers. Turkey also order a engines from ukrainian firm Progress for their new flying rocket

Author — Гліб


What should be considered;
- Turkeys great relation with Pakistan, Pakistan having over 200 Long range Ballistic Missiles, Engineers, scientists etc. keep going and coming back between Turkey and Pakistan since 1980's! Pakistan buying massive amount of Turkics Defense systems such as radar, electronic hammer, attack choppers, Armed UAV's so and so, Turkey buying training and light air support crafts etc. from Pakistan!
- Turkey's massive ties with the Iran that has been going on for over 800 or beyond!
- Turkeys great relation with the Ukraine that who have had almost full access to all kind of Russian designed weapon systems for ages! Defense systems trade between Turkey and Ukraine! As well as almost all other Turk/Turkic countries (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazantzakis, Azerbaijan etc.) using all Russian made defense etc. systems and having great ties with the Turkey!
- Turkey's ability to design and produce one of the most advanced and effective cruise missile systems (Those using all domestic software, operating, radar, Artificial Intelligent, guidance, communication etc. systems!), Bora and similar ballistic missile systems already being in use by the Turkish army and being able to hit targets from 1000 Km with 10 to 100 cm error margin! Being able to design, produce and use one of the top 2 Armed UAV's (Those works with artificial intelligent) in the planet, having the one and only Armed UAV fleet in the world, being one of the top 2 armies in the planet that can use Armed UAV's in real battlefield,
"Electromagnetic Rail Gun" etc. systems those already finished and ready to be used, laxer weapon development, producing own satellite systems, designing and producing one of the most advance electronic jamming systems in the planet (That has been able to make Russian Air defense systems in multiple times, completely made all Russian, Syrian Jets, , communication etc. systems death and blind! I Remember that one of the Israel Jets shooting down wrong target, while it was trying to bomb Syria and was close to Turkey!)
on and on an on.

I believe a country that is able to produce Armed Unmanned Air vehicles those operating completely independently without any human interaction, communicating with the other UAV's in their flees, can do joint attacks with other drone/UAV flees, can communicate in real time with the fighter jets, command and radar planes, Navy ships, ground forces, tanks etc. inside the battle network, can fly 28 hours non stop, can reach up to 40 Thousand Feet or more altitude, can carry 600 Kilo or even more load (Such as cruise missiles like SOM-A, SOM-B1, SOM-B2, SOM-J etc.) and literally started using Electromagnetic Rail Guns recently, probably/already designed long range ballistic etc. missiles those can carry nuclear warheads, probably have enough plutonium etc. to use!

Nuclear warheads not sold in the market as it seen in the Hollywood movies but Uranium etc. have quite big black market! Indeed, some countries was mentioned a lot about Uranium etc. big black during the early 90's....

Author — God of F.


Don't worry Turkey, We've got your back ;-)
Much love from Pakistan <3

Author — SexPolice101


Republic of Turkey🇹🇷 already have a nuclear bomb
Because They got nuclear from Islamic Republic of Pakistan🇵🇰

Author — I'm a Pizza


Pakistani brothers help if really turkey need nukes

Author — aziz üner


No one:
The comment section:*Full of pakistanis*

Author — Hussain Waheed


Love Turkey from brothar country Pakistan😆💚

Author — Umar Farooq Gujjar


Israel is that kid on the playground, who gets his big brother to beat up other kids when he’s threatened.

Author — Selim Veli


no worries if Turkey does not have atomic weapons.. Pakistan is always there to sacrifice anything for our Turkish brothers .. i m also ready to sacrifice my life for my Turkish brothers.. Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇹🇷🇵🇰🇹🇷🇵🇰🇹🇷🇵🇰❤

Author — Hannan Malik


We support turkey love respect from Pakistan

Author — Pakistan zindaabad


Erdogan said something deeper, he said nuke capable nations use this as deterrent at the same time as they invade and bomb other nations at will, this is unacceptable. Thats the unacceptable part, and the possibility of this being applied to Turkey and being vulnerable for this "scheme" is unacceptable. If nuke nations keep this up then nations like Turkey should be able to go nuclear as well.. he has ofcourse a point. Western news made it appear childish and as one person wanting nukes.

Author — Zionist World Order


Israel : Builds Nukes
West : No Problem dear

Turkey : I dreamed a nuke last night.
West : I'm about to destroy his whole career.

Author — Zain Khalid


Don't bother with all that stuff. Just it from Pakistan. Both countries are like brothers and the relationship is at all time high.
The video missed this crucial point.

Author — Zain Ul Abideen


Israel: Iran has a WMD!
US: Oh, you mean you have it.

Author — The TeKuZa


Pakistan will give free nuclear weapons to turkey, they are one,
Pakistan also love our brothers and sisters, and we watch each others back whether in war or something else, Long live Turkey and Pakistan...

Author — Mazar Iqbal