Local Natives - World News

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Official music video for World News.
Directed by Matthew Lessner.

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The little boy is my 17 year old cousin. His name is Aaron and I won't say his last name just for personal questions. His nationality is Vietnamese and he did this when he was about nine. He quit acting just because of waking up too early in the morning. He is now in high school. Made it into ASAP and is one of my favorite cousins.

Author — Oof Lu


"The lane next over is always faster
And you wait so long until you're so bothered
But right after you complete your merge
The lane you started in gets going
And while you wait for your luck to change
All you can of is where you started

You don't like anything on local radio,
So you fumble around 'til you land on NPR
And listen to World News
'Well a bomb went of in the parking lot of a newly opened Sunni market place'
And the clouds cover your car
Just at the right time for you to see the dark on your face
In the mirror

Your phone goes off with a picture of your mother
It's five 'til six, and she can't find your brother
And while normally you'd yell and scream
Instructing her to go and find him on her own
But calmly you're exiting,
And telling her that you are headed on your way home
She does not know what to say, just glad you're on your way
You turn off your phone in a different tone
As you think
The bad that feels so bad makes the good so good"

Author — Ultra Game


these lyrics. so simple and so great. songwriting doesn't have to be difficult, it just needs to speak to the people who are listening.

Author — Marshall McGinnis


every single video of theirs i watch i find myself saying, WTF IS THIS ABOUT?!

Author — Connor Barnett


"We high as fuuuuck playing with fruit punch."

Author — sdnpMEDIA


I like this video, it seems like it was a plane crash. The pilots have their uniforms and also have red bands, the red bands on their arms are used in post emergency situations to distinguish people's health situation. Green bands means their okay, yellow is injured but able to walk, red is critical. They even have the heart EKG symbol on the bands that shows heart beat. The other people could be the passengers, the oxygen that they are passing around represents the oxygen masks that drops in the airplane when loss of pressure is experienced. If I had to guess I'd say that everyone on the beach is actually dead. Clever music video I like it a lot. Message of the video and song? Enjoy life, even when you face death.

Author — duke man


Wonder what the local natives thought of this video.

Author — thevillainable


The first 3 lines of this song happens to me daily. I was going to write that whenever it does occur I play this song and calm myself down, but... I don't and usually just swear excessively and extremely loud.

Author — 21DieselBoy21


This song brings back SOOOO many memories, I wish I was back in the past again when they good times were rolling, I had the vibe of this song a while ago, now, its nothing like it

Author — Maximus


one time I was listening to this song on my phone and sonething like malfunctioned and it was all sped up and the voices were all high pitched. And It was spectacular.

Author — TheBestEstey


Oh, let me guess, you're one of those high-and-mighty hipsters... I love One Direction for their personalities. They don't apologize for bring true to themselves.

Author — kschultz24


lol i love how the bassist isnt play any where close to the music lmao

Author — chug11649


I love this song, I listened to it today to wake me up and prepare for the day. On another note, were the splashes from hawaiian punch supposed to be reminiscent of Lessner's video for Fool's Gold? Hmmmm...

Author — Zachary Madrigal


i dont like this. I LOVE THIS. omg!! FAVORITE BAND!!

Author — BurBritt


this song starts like "the cave" by mumford and sons

Author — j0hnnymeb0y


i think this just became on of my favourites!! heart melting!!

Author — Jessay V


Fell in love at Glastonbury, hooked ever since. These fellas ooze with sincerly playful heartbreaking shouts of joyous positivity.

Author — Orien Longo


Well, this song did also come out before "The Cave" so...

Author — Lorenzo Cocuzza


The mood of this entire video is practically perfect for summer. I love the music (:

Author — ZJX


I loved this song when I first heard it, and now I love it more from the video. That's rare.

Author — Uncle Willard