25 Most Amazing Ancient Ruins of the World

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The world is home to a plethora of fascinating ancient ruins, from crumbling cities to temples that have withstood the test of time. Many of these ancient societies were incredibly innovative and forward thinking. Just take a look at their meticulous city planning and incredible feats of engineering; some of which we are yet to fully understand. Some of the most captivating ancient ruins are full of thousand-year-old mysteries that will boggle even the most curious of minds.

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I’ve been fortunate to have visited all of these marvelous places. It’s taken 36 years though. So much more to see.

Author — Gordon McLachlan


27:10 that mountain behind looks like face, it doesn't always looks like a face

Author — Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs


Indus Valley Civilisation should have been covered, as its one the oldest along with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian civilisations. Famous for its city planning, drainage systems, water supply system, road network, and location of administrative buildings it spreads to a vast area. Why it was abandoned still remains a mystery.

Author — lovesh garg


The place in the thumbnail is kailash temple in India

Author — soumyadip Banik


You forgot to mention Mohnjo Daro And harappa one of the oldest civilizations in the history

Author — Zeeshan Butt


Flights will be booked to visit some of these places when we get out of this pandemic.

Author — Eman Yu


I get a kick out of all these people saying “what about blah blah” or “you forgot blah blah” I’ve got an idea, write your own damn top 25 😏

Author — James Lawhorn


Missed "Rani ki vaav" of gujarat its masterpiece of art

Author — Veena P


What about Indus valley civilization.it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world..Any how Great work

Author — Siva Prasad k


The music from 17 2 16 so mysterious 2 me, do u know the producer(s) or title of that particular instrumental, great video by the way
A Student of life

Author — Size X


if the time travel was posible, i would travel to each of this ruins in their glory time to see what it is original look, and the purpose of it. Specially the Stonehenge and the Mayan City.

Author — Cottage Cheese


Fantastically inspiring. Beautiful and informative.

Author — Nature and Humanity


Kailasha temple is still one of the most Iconic religious monument on earth. No one can create its duplicate, not even advance technology.
This is what your devotion should be for your religion and god, instead of making other people uncomfortable, just keep your religion at yourself.

Author — P.R 1209


Every time I see these places on pictures or videos, I always feel some tingling inside me lol

Author — Lyandro Tansingco


Many great ancient ruins were mentioned, however, there are many fascinating ancient ruins in Iran dating back to the Persian Empire ear, along with a few other ancient civilizations, which deserve to be included in the top 5 on your list. The most iconic one being Persepolis, which is one of the ancient world's greatest wonders. Pasargad, Derinkuyu, Timgad, and the Burnt City, and Babylonian Ziggurat of Ur are more fascinating than some of the sites you included.

Author — kevin motlagh


Ancient Egypt will always have my heart. It is so magical.

Author — Jim Jumaa


After watching this I have several new places on my “bucket list” that I did not even knew existed.

Author — Philipp Serrin


Should've had the pyramids found in the Arctics, and Atlantis on the list.

Author — Ernest Johnson


What about Göbekli Tepe, the oldest sanctuary in the world? How could you miss it?

Author — elif tekirgöl


I guess (hope) these places are closed during these difficult times so this is a great way to see the world while self-isolating. Thanks for sharing this. (Take care, keep safe, everyone.) 🐨🇦🇺

Author — Martin Usher