Former FDA chief responds to the Donald Trump-Woodward coronavirus tapes

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Download — Former FDA chief responds to the Donald Trump-Woodward coronavirus tapes

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These answers were so incredibly evasive and reflects poorly on a person who I’ve respected greatly. There’s no excuse for the President to mislead the public regarding a health crisis such as this. No excuse.

Author — noelbrian55


"This is deadly stuff" ... "It flows through the air" - Said privately by trump. Trump's public statements - "No worse than a cold or flu" ... "Take your mask off" (just last week)

Author — Earl Grey


Dr Scott is perfect. He does not criticize the president . His children now can go to Ivy league schools, join Skull and Bones, and become part of the 1 percenters .

Author — jon dawber


Scott sounds more like a POLITICIAN than a doctor...

Author — Pyramid Motorsport One V10 Music


Look at Gottlieb’s face....there’s the truth. It’s the face of a man who knows he’s just ruined his reputation.

Author — Three Dogs and a Camper


I'm so tired of hearing "former this" and "former that" ... I want to hear from those currently in charge what they really know and think! All cowards!

Author — Lak Curious


Look what the two-party system has done to this country people.... destroyed it.

Author — Scott


Well, that's one more person I formerly respected that is now another part of this ongoing circus. That is a shame.

Author — dpolitz4


Founding fathers WARNED us about political parties. And the pledge of allegiance too.

Author — Andreas Maceyra


If big pharma will put me on their boards and give me millions in stock options, I promise I'll stay as neutral as Dr. GottaLIE b.

Author — B S


I can’t get past whoever is breathing like a creep into a mic. SMH

Author — Chad Kassem


CA had some of the toughest lockdowns very early so how can you say that CA wasn't doing anything?

Author — Paulette Apostolou


Yep. Add Scott to the “party above all else” crowd.

Author — spidey974


This changes my thoughts and confidence about this man. Poorly

Author — Gary St.Germain


Flu season will be one of the lowest ever if everyone wears masks in communal areas.

Author — Brem


"New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell appeared on CNN Thursday afternoon saying if she had more information from the federal government, she would have pulled the plug on carnival season." March 26, 2020

Author — S


“We lost three precious months”
Dr Peter. Breggin

Author — Dea Dea


With the potential of the seriousness of Covid, immediate action was called for in February. Anything less than this is clearly inept leadership. There are no excuses!

Author — Paulette Daniele


"couldve done more" please explain what that means?

Author — Joseph Ducreux_II


Why have guests on when you are doing all of the talking? 🤔

Author — C C