Bernie Sanders reacts to trailing Biden in CNN poll

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Bernie Sanders reacts to trailing Biden in CNN poll2.5
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders responds to his polling numbers in Iowa for the upcoming 2020 election. #CNN #News

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Good. If Bernie's at 16% with a CNN poll it means he's winning by a landslide.

Author — jodi houts


Just say no to corporate Joe. Bernie Sanders 2020!

Author — Stand tall for the Powerless


if biden gets the nomination, say hello to another term of trump

Author — gooker


Biden isn't a progressive and his record proves that. What are you trying to pull CNN?

Author — Stretch Shorty


CNN is not liberal, they are not lefty at all....Don't let anyone convince you otherwise...CNN Is a profit driven corporation

Author — Rickys philosofy


You tried to shove Hillary down our throats and failed. Now you're doing the same thing with swampman Joe Biden. Not gonna happen

Author — Doppler Overrun


cnn has made it clear they're supporting Biden in 2020

Author — j39 91f3r


CNN = Corporations' News Network. Don't believe the polls. Organize!

Author — K Wilkins


CNN, stop saying Biden is progressive, if he's progressive I have several bridges to sell you! And I'm from New Zealand!

Author — Kiwiakatarawa


CNN is scared of Bernie like Walmart, Amazon, Google....

Author — Geo Emmanuel


Remember CNN said Hilary had a 95% chance of winning

Author — psp785


Let's wait for the debates.
Bernie Sanders 2020!

Author — MrRayRockstar


Bernie is the only candidate who will defeat Trump.
Bernie 2020

Author — Mary Franklin


CNN: Bernie is trailing!
Me: Sure, Jan

Author — J J


Boo, CNN 💩 still taking talking points from the DNC I see

Author — Maria Katharine


Even the title is misleading shame on CNN. CNN reacts to polls, Bernie is just there to answer your Questions.

Author — Matt


Lmao! Unbelievable trashy News. #FuelTheBern #FeelTheBern #FeelTheBern2020

Author — Nuwmara W.


Cnn fake news. None of my friends or people I know likes Biden.

Biden will do exactly what his donors want them to do...NOTHING!!

Author — Heinz


CNN still at it. Doing what they did with hitlery clinton now with creepy Biden. We know Bernie fills stadiums. These other clowns fill high school gyms

Author — Frank Yeska52


Global warming can be stopped by keeping Joe Biden away from little girls.

Author — Sam Vimes