Gutfeld on UK paper's humiliating Melania Trump debacle

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If President Trump's war with fake news creates media accountability then the past two years have been worth it. #TheFive #FoxNews

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Trumps greatest achievement is his bringing down of Fake News outlets.

Author — Dorian Shades of gray


Melania's problem is that she was born a naturally beautiful, intelligent, white, Christian woman (she speaks 5 different languages), and she has more grace and intelligence than all the leftist horde put together, and that's why they hate her for it.

Author — smokingCon


Even when Juan is wrong, he try's to repurpose lies.

Author — G.T. G 1


I am deeply ashamed of one of our newspapers treating Melania in such a despicable way. I live in the furthest north isles of Scotland UK and totally condemn this. Your beautiful First Lady stands head and shoulders above anyone who behaves so horribly.
God bless President Donald Trump and his lovely wife and God bless all who support them. Your President is doing a great job in spite of the constant battles he faces.
Praying for you all. 🙏❤🇺🇸🇬🇧

Author — Margaret Sinclair


Juan is there only to remind us how truly sick a leftist is. Hes ridiculous. Someone get him a chimichanga before he blacks out.

Author — The Watchman


Juan came on at 3:50. I didn’t watch any further. If I wanted to hear his opinion I would watch CNN. Enjoy the discussion until he comes in. Please get rid of your token lefty

Author — Paul Petter-Bowyer


There juan goes. Ignorre the question and bring it back on the president

Author — i walk in circles


Give Juan more time he makes the left look dumber everytime he opens his mouth!

Author — Scott Lee


Hard to get this type of judgment in uk...BUT THEY ARE SAME MSM AS USA...EXACTLY SAME.

Author — Agusta Sister


When Juan speak I just move the slider where other people are speaking, thats how I watch The Five

Author — Reload Fire


Prosecute those who create n disseminate fake news

Author — Aa AA


Juan can go jump in a volcano. He is pure garbage.

Author — StinkFingerr


Most Excellent- I love melania and the media is the enemy of the people.

Author — Stranded 360


Congrats to Melania. The Fake News deserves to pay punitive damages for their blatant libel & slander. I sure hope the justice system gets CNN & MSNBC next!

Author — Random Person


Its pretty low to attack a woman like Melania Trump. This woman rarely says anything bad about anyone. She is usually kind, courteous, respectful, and for the most part ignores the bad press on her. She is the classiest First Lady we have had since I been around (I am in my 50's). Journalism fell off the cliff a long time ago.

Author — boondocks


Juan don't you have anything nice to say. I love The Five until you speak.

Author — Karan Adkins


Why is he still on the wrong panel. He needs to go to cnn. He will be at home.

Author — Julia Ramos


1st rule: don't believe anything the media tells you.
2nd rule: Don't believe everything the government tells you.

Live by those rules and you'll see the truth most of the time.
3rd rule is: Question everything!

Author — Beard Bro


Greg, I love ya, but when I saw you guys last week without Juan, I really thought it was permanent... Crap!
BTW... Does he really not know that he is there as as an "example" of how ridiculous dems are?

Author — RonRay


Melania is so beautiful, elegant and kind. So glad she forced them to apologize and admit they were liars.

Author — Norma Lee !